Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jolie and her kueh pau cheeks!

Jolie and her kueh pau cheeks, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Thank you, thank you everyone who left such heart-warming congratulatory comments in the post below! Sorry no pics then, as I was blogging off my iPod Touch and not a full-fledged notebook. But here's one photo of her now, peering up at her dad! She can open up her eyes a lot more today.

I'm home already, as usual discharged AMA/AOR style (Against Medical Advice/At Own Risk). But Jolie is still stuck in hospital (jaundice!), so we came home empty-handed. I think it might be a couple days more before she can come home but oh what a happy reunion it will be!

And for those interested, one gratituous shot of hospital food below (urgh, and this is already the set of nicer dishes)!



  1. she is so cute!!
    congrats and hope she will be home soon, ^^

  2. she got big eyes,such a sweet girl
    btw,im surprised u can actually use "nicer" for the hospital food,i cant even bear to associate the word with it :P

  3. Congrats Camemberu , she is such a beautiful baby ! :) Congrats to you and your family once again!

  4. Jolie has..

    Two tiny feet
    That wave in the air
    Two tiny hands
    That tug at your hair
    Cute bottom for patting
    Adorable face
    A bundle of joy
    To love and embrace


  5. Congrats!!
    what a cubby and cute baby gal you had!!

  6. Congratulations! Jolie looks so cute! wanna pinch those rosy cheeks! haha!

  7. Congrats..she's adorable!!
    Nadine is a jiejie now :)

    - Xinni

  8. congrats~
    she looks really cute.

  9. Glayen, what a lovely poem! Did you compose it? I shall sing that to her!

    taesake - lol, yeah! you got a point there.

    thoo2, huiying, mimosa, tomato, bone-collector, nic, xxoos and anonymous - thank you all, really sweet of you!

  10. Congrats to you. What a cute baby girl.


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