Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Chuan Kee Duck Rice and Roasts

Braised duck and pig's ears, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Pig's ears! How rarely I see them in Singapore (or am I just moving in the wrong circles?). Recently I spied plates of braised goodies including pig's ears when passing by this Luk Lu Eating House, so I swore I had to come by someday.

Well, pig's ears alone was a strange order, so the stall owner suggested some duck meat as well (S$3.50 without rice). I half-heartedly agreed - not a big fan of duck. As it turns out, the duckie was better than the piggy! The pig ears were overly salty and still had bristle hairs lurking in places. The duck was sweet and tender by comparison. The chili is very savoury but the strong flavour overpowers the taste of the meats.

So I came for a specific thing but ended up liking something else. Chuan Kee also serves roast pork (I saw it too late!), braised eggs and other stuff. You can have it with rice or porridge. The stall is on the side facing Aliwal Street.

Luk Lu Eating House
341 Beach Road (off Aliwal Street)
(opposite The Concourse)



  1. Been still reading. I actually find pig ears quite readily in Manhattan haha. Keep up the posts! 33more days wooo!

  2. d: haha, don't make me more envious than I already am! :D

    Baby coming any day now, already overgrown buffalo! I doubt I have 33 days left to eat!


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