Saturday, August 6, 2016

Pokemon Go in Singapore Now: Download But Play Safely!

Lures everywhere, I'm in a good hood!

Pokemon Go is here finally. There was so much talk about safety concerns and such. But heck, we can take care of ourselves, right?

Everyone is already out and about with their handphones capturing virtual creatures on their cameras. Even at East Coast Park, bikers stopped and lined up at PokéStops with lures.

Throw the Pokeball at the creature - finally all those paper-tossing games have paid back!

I have 29 Pokemon already in less than an hour! Have not spotted any Pikachu, of course.


PoGo developer Niantic previously had a similar game Ingress.

Trigger happy in #Taipei! #Ingress #ingressSG
This was me blasting enemy portals in Taipei.

PoGo borrows heavily from Ingress, and the Pokéstops are basically portals in the Ingress game, and even uses the same user-submitted photos.

Like these two which I contributed! Not all portals are used though. I must go and see what other portals of mine became Pokéstops!

Meanwhile, get walking (safely) and carry a powerbank!



  1. seems like everyone's playing this already. and yet I haven't even installed it on my phone, haha

    1. There's no hurry. I'm actually curious to see how long this craze will last.


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