Monday, August 8, 2016 Has A New Look!

See anything different? has got a new look! On this (hopefully auspicious) 8/8/16 date, I finally refreshed the blog design. Last time I did so was New Year's 2014, more than two years ago.

The new one has got a slider showing you the latest posts and a grid-like mosaic of posts. Macam buffet only!

When you click inside a post, you'll see a sidebar with archives, popular posts, and all the social media widgets. The navigation bar lets you access categories like hawker food, recipes, travel, and country posts.

This is what the old one used to look like.

I liked it (which is why I stuck with it for so long) but it was getting cluttered, tired and slow. This year is also my 9th year blogging, so it's high time to freshen up going into Year 10. Gosh, a full decade.

I'm still putting the finishing touches, so pardon me if you see any errors or missing photos. Thanks for being patient, and thanks for visiting!


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