Thursday, January 20, 2011

Satay Solo at Bedok Corner

Beef, Chicken and Mutton Satay with Ketupat
If you're ever tired of the many but mediocre satay stalls at East Coast Lagoon Village Food Centre, here's another place you can try for a change - Satay Solo at Bedok Corner Food Centre, which is not too far away. We tried the Beef, Chicken and Mutton Satay (all 50 cents each). Nicely marinated and caramelized. The red meat is all fairly lean, but the chicken can be a bit fatty. The peanut dipping gravy is also more than decent.

There's lots of other good food at Bedok Corner too, and satay is always a nice side order to go with anything you have.

Satay Solo is at Bedok Corner
Satay Solo also sells a variety of other things like nasi ayam penyet, nasi lemak, nasi rawon, nasi sambal goreng, mee goreng, mee soto, mee siam, tauhu goreng and lontong. Looking back, I realised someone also recommended me the satay here, from my Roti Jala post. Thanks CT!

Blk 1 Bedok Road
Stall 9 Bedok Food Centre
Singapore 469572
Tel: Mr Hasan – +65 9824 9003 (mobile)
I forgot to ask opening hours, but you can call if you like.


  1. Satay... yummy... I haven't had satay in ages, come to think of it!

  2. Where's your favourite Satay place, Kenny?

  3. Satay Solo's Nasi Ayam Penyet is a must try ... but somehow the I prefer the Satay at the stall with the green sign ... can't quite remember the name of the stall, I just head to it ...

  4. Hi Jerome, is it Power Satay? Next time I'll look out for a green signboard!

  5. I wished I am back in Xin Xia Poh again... damn it!!!

  6. I LOVE them also!! I'm a real satay addict and i find personally that this is the best in SG. I go there so often that I'm the 4sq mayor haha :)

  7. Can't quite remember the name of the stall Catherine, been some time since I last visited Bedok Corner. It's a few stalls to the left of Satay Solo - just next to the Sarabat Stall with the best Teh Halia at the centre (by not by a long way the best in Singapore).


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