Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bedok Corner Hokkien Prawn Mee

The Hokkien mee is not too shabby
I'll confess. I pretty much joined the queue at this stall without knowing whether it was good or not. I don't normally do that, but I had heard something about a good Hokkien mee at Bedok Corner, so I wondered if this stall might be it. The queue wasn't too long, but it was perpetual. Not many stalls here have queues like that, except for Ye Lai Xiang which is just a couple of stalls away.

Well, this was not too bad. It's a bit different from the usual Hokkien mee in that it's slightly darker stock and has a lot more beehoon (thin rice vermicelli) than yellow noodles. A good number of crunchy beansprouts too. Flavourwise, it was pleasing but could do with a stronger seafood taste. I guess my favourite is still Tian Tian Lai's very umami rendition!

I think people who are not fans of Hokkien mee or seafood in the first place (such as hubby) might take well to this one.

The old man takes his time to fry the Hokkien mee
The old man takes his time to systematically fry his Hokkien mee. Supercool composure! He is never flustered by the queue, and leaves his female business partner to handle the order-taking and cashiering.

Bedok Corner Hokkien Prawn Mee
I was glad when I queued (about 6 persons), because I looked back a little while later, and it had doubled! But I still had to wait a while, because the people in front of me ordered a lot of takeaway packs. It helps to go earlier in the evenings, so you won't have to queue that long.

Blk 1 Bedok Road
29 Bedok Corner Food Centre
Singapore 469572
Open Tue to Sun: 4.00pm - 9.00pm


  1. Now that is one cool, steady master at work! :)

  2. He sure looks very focused on his hokkien mee...

  3. This hokkien mee is not as black as the one I used to. However this uncle convince me that he take his cooking seriously and it should be very tasty. LOL!

  4. I tried the Hokkien mee before. its not bad but the one at bedok blk 85 is much nicer!
    Anyway, maybe you might like to try the ayam penyet (stall #7) and the new japanese stall (stall #20) at Bedok corner someday. Good food at affordable price =)

  5. It is worth queueing because the food is very good. I would like to eat one more time there because the taste is one in the world. You won't find that in any Chinese town. RCA ieftin Constanta

  6. Late to this post, but that is some delicious looking Hokkien prawn mee! Sadly the only rendition I had ever was in 1999 at Newton's (open air at the time) and without prawn, but it surpassed anything in California USA.


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