Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Congratulations to winner of Ben & Jerry bike!

HURRAY! I got some good news today. Camemberu is one of the two lucky blogs (out of 15) that have the honour of giving out the Ben & Jerry bicycles! Thank you to everyone who commented. It's all because of your effort that we got chosen!

I asked hubby to choose the winner from the comments. Unlike me, he doesn't personally know anyone who commented, so I figured that's the most objective and unbiased way.

So congratulations to Colin! This is his winning entry, and it's quite a heartfelt one.

"I'm trying to win this bike for my girl as an anniversary present.
Here's why she deserves it (apart from the fact that she's a huge B&J's fan!).

Because I've known her for three of the best years in my life.
Because she remembers everything I say (even when it's 90% nonsense).
Because she cracks me up whenever I'm feeling down.
Because she still leaves crumbs on her face when she eats.
Because of all the nights she stayed up to take care of me when I was sick.
Because I know she kept the very first bouquet I gave her.
Because she never compared me to anyone else.
Because she makes the best cookies.
Because she still wants to go to McDonalds once a week.
Because she doesn't ever tell me how much my presents cost.
Because I don't tell her “I love you” as often as I should.
Because it's our anniversary.
Because if she doesn't deserve this bike, who does?


Happy anniversary, you two! Mine's coming up too, but even though I can't have the bike myself, I'm very glad to be able to make it happen for you. Thanks for leaving an email address. I'll be in touch.



  1. Congrats!! thats really sweet..

  2. Such a sweet dedication - Colin really does deserves the bike for his girlfriend. Congrats! :)

  3. congrats Catherine and Colin :) .. this contest is fun !

  4. Thanks a lot for choosing my entry Catherine, really appreciate it! She was completely ecstatic when I told her the news this morning. :)

    Have a great anniversary celebration with your hubby as well!

    And to all the wonderful folks who commented, thanks for the encouragement and kind words!



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