Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Poll: Budget Limits for Dining Out

Anyone feeling the pinch these days with rising cost of living? I know even those that never used to blink an eye at eating out now think twice about where they want to eat and how much they would spend. How much do you budget for dining out in general (no special occasion)? Check out the poll on the right.


  1. I think everyone in the States is concerned about their household budgets at this point.

  2. you should have a option for less than 10 dollars. Haha. I'm been cutting back by eating at hawker center/food court rather than slurping on expensive chinese/japanese restaurants.

  3. Oh my! People are more cost-conscious than I thought! One third (so far) voted $10 or less. Another third won't spend more than S$20.

    T_T: S$10 refers to that and below lah. Yeah, I'm also eating more single digit cost meals these days. Actually it was your other question that spurred me to finally do this poll I've been mulling.

  4. hahaha. you sure you spending single digit? lol! yeah been eating more hawker food when run out of budget

  5. oops. Cost saving is good. Finding a cheap but good restaurant is even better!


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