Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop

Fluffy egg cake - 鸡蛋糕
I have just found the softest, fluffiest, most delicious 鸡蛋糕 or egg cupcakes! Gawd, I never knew these could be so tasty. Never liked these much in the past, no thanks to lesser versions. These are so eggy in fragrance and flavour. Vanilla and a hint of saltiness make it just right. And I love how it's so light, airy and moist.

Old style bakery
Discovered these quite by chance in a traditional bakery I was walking past yesterday. You don't see too many of these around these days. Austere aluminium display cases, cheap plastic trays and covers, mirrored shelves with flourescent lighting. Keeping costs low, so they don't pass them on to customers.

Interestingly, this bakery doesn't have any labels or prices listed for its products. You can either ask or take a gamble at the cakes, breads and buns (some fillings looks obvious, but not all). The egg cupcakes are about 60 cents each, I think.

Corn bread, sliced
They had loaves coming fresh out of the oven, and I grabbed one, hoping to make my own kaya toast at home. The loaf turned out to be corn bread (about $1.80). These are so soft, you have to handle them with great care, lest you end up with mushed up bread. Thick slices very nice when lightly toasted.

Katong Sin Chew Cake Shop at Bedok North Ave 2
This shop looks like it's been around for some time. There is a certain buzz about the shop, which drew me to it in the first place. Stuff keeps getting replenished, so that's a good sign. I'm coming back to try some of the other goodies.

Blk 416 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-45
Tel: 6444-2578

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  1. wooo...this bakery looks real old and traditional kind..

  2. oh, the egg cupcakes look so fluffy and yummy!
    one of my fav tea time delight

  3. What lovely, lovely shots! Well done! Whereabouts is this shop? Coming from Marine Parade, is it anywhere near Bedok MRT Station?

  4. is this the one opp temasek jc??

  5. There's just something about old fashion cakes and bread, no? :)

  6. A must try at this place are the custard puffs and chocolate and cream puffs. Light and buttery!

  7. Jaime: yes, quite!

    J2Kfm: I'm addicted now too!

    Ju: Yes, it's walkable from Bedok MRT. I'll put up a Google map soon.

    Wenxiu: err, I think maybe not. It's Bedok North, not Bedok South.

    Kenny: Haaa, yes, there's something about old-fashioned stuff, period! :)

    Anon: thanks for the tip! :P I love custard puffs!

  8. Off topic: Couldn't help but noticed your political views (it's almost torturing here, being exposed to it on a much wider scale). Now that McCain has chosen Palin to be his VP, do you think your support of Obama will lessen?

  9. Hi D! Yes, I've been asked that, since she too, chose to keep her baby with Down Syndrome. I read about Alaskan Governor Palin way before she got selected, and I do think she's quite the funky character.

    But no, my stand is still for Obama. America needs CHANGE!

    In fact, I despise McCain for leaping on this Palin choice - it's opportunistic, and an attempt to win some of Hillary's female supporters who aren't keen on Obama.

    Anyway, it looks like his last-minute choice is turning up embarrassing boo-boos. They didn't do their homework well enough and Palin is turning out to be more controversial than anyone suspected.

  10. my mum loves the cakes from this bakery. she will always buy many pieces home if we eat at the zhi char place next door that makes yummylicious assam fish head. i love the kaya cake. ( similar to the bengawan solo but so much thicker and richer in taste)

  11. we have awarded you a bsg

    ...great photo blog... !

  12. Yes this place existed for many years!!! Maybe at least 20 years or MORE!

    Try their CURRY PUFFS! puff pastry skin - it's kept hot and you can see it as "Hot Snacks" in the photo that is posted. That's the best I feel.

    Their coconut bread is also nice - filled with white fragrant coconut - not brown ones that we typically get outside.

    Btw, the zi char in the coffeeshop next to this bakery is also FANTASTIC. Try their fried mian xian !

  13. i love egg cupcakes! my favourite's at the people's park market in chinatown, they also have soft fluffy big cupcakes : )

  14. Another old treasure discovered :-)

    You are right in the pricing. The other day, we were out with colleagues and pop by one of these traditional shop. It seems people all pay different prices. Regulars get discounts or you can say, "Ah XX charge me this price one" and the cashier will lower the price! *pengz*

  15. Try their bun with stuffing. It comes out fresh from the oven at 1.30-2pm. Their curry, vegetable, coconut bun. Soft and fluffy with tasty filling! Outta this world. We would call n order from office and they would bake those earlier!

  16. this humble bakery is opposite bedok botak jones. do try their curry buns, pandan kaya cake and traditional sugar powdered doughnuts!


  17. Ladyironchef, you are right about the big soft fluffy egg cupcakes at People's Park. Reminds me to get some this weekend. Thanks.


  18. Wow, so many more comments! Looks like there's lots to try at this bakery! Thank you all very much for the recommendations!

  19. This bakery is on Bedok North Avenue 2, just a few minutes walk from Bedok Interchange/Bedok Branch Library. Other famous food on the street includes Botak Jones, Teochew restaurant Hiang Suar and the zi char place called Jin Long.

    Hee... It makes me happy to know that people like this bakery. It's been around for more than 20 years. I grew up eating the bread they bake. Next time try the curry bread and the special milk-powder bread. The choc eclairs and bak-kwa bread are nice too! Oh... and the pandan chiffon is fabulous too!

  20. Hi Ladyironchef and LS

    Which part of People's Park that sells big soft fluffy egg cupcakes leh? Can provide the address? People's Park Complex or People's Park Centre leh?


  21. Hey

    Anyone has similar recipe to this soft and fluffy cupcakes? I tried many recipes but failed wor. sob sob..

  22. may i know if their offerings are sweet or salty?it matters a lot to me as i do not like snacks of those kind.What product(S)then would you guys who have patronised the shop recommend me? Any idea if their pandan chiffon is made using juice from pandan leaves and whether their curry buns are meatless?

  23. Hi Ron, I think for your last few questions, you may need to ask the bakery itself. Anyway, they offer both sweet and salty products, so you'll have a choice - not sure which one it is you do not like.

  24. Hi, has anyone tried the ECLAIRS at Swiss Baeckerei on Frankel Avenue? They are so yummy ang biiiig. Good selection of cakes and breads too.

  25. Hi Camemberu,

    Thanks for posting this cake shop up. I have been trying to find the traditional cake that I had when i was a kid for my birthday but i can't find any. when I search and found your post i was so happy and the best part is the cake shop is near where i'm staying. I have checked it out a couple of days ago to make sure it's still there.. and sure it is. thank you so much.. :)

  26. I'm glad this helped, anonymous! Thanks for letting us know it's still there too!

  27. Heyyyy!!!When did you go there?? Wonder why I wasn't invited haha :)


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