Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Haji Mohd Yusoff Warong Nasi Baryani

Mutton baryani or briyani
I was told the briyani from the Geylang Serai stall with the three sisters is quite good. So when I checked out the Ramadan bazaar, I had to pack some home to try. The mutton briyani (S$3.50) is well-flavoured but fell short of that wow factor. Hamid's mutton is more tender and seems a better deal.

Chicken baryani or briyani
The chicken briyani (S$4) is more expensive than the mutton briyani. But you get a whole chicken thigh/drumstick piece instead of two small pieces of mutton, so I guess that's fair. Flavourwise, well, I'm biased - for me, mutton always tastes better for briyani - but my family members prefer chicken.

The famous three sisters who serve up the briyani
Here are the sisters at work. As with most food, their briyani is better eaten hot on the spot, instead of as a takeaway.

Haji Mohd Yusoff, the award-winning briyani stall
This stall has won numerous awards, it seems. I see the "Anugerah Daun Pisang" (Banana Leaf Award) by a local TV station, and Makansutra's five chopsticks (out of six) rating (i.e. divine). But don't let that drive your expectations up too high, or you may be disappointed.

Stall no. 179 Geylang Serai Temporary Market


  1. I agree with you...mutton bryani tastes better than chicken bryani. the flavour goes well with the bryani rice...chicken...a bit bland. but then im partial to mutton

  2. I also agree - I much prefer mutton or lamb in a briyani. But I won't turn down a good chicken curry!

    And that's the biggest pot of briyani I've ever seen!

  3. I've always been amazed by how briyani chefs are able to cook wonderful tasting briyanis in such large volume. L337 skills!

  4. What amazes me are the cooks who can cook things that they're not allowed to eat by smell alone. I know a few Indian chefs who are vegetarians (one of them is a Jain), who can make some of the most delicious curries without ever tasting what's in their pots.

  5. The only problem i've noted with most bryanis (mutton) is the portion of mutton is too small.. :(

    Only place i know with sizable mutton serving is Al Ameen opposite Beauty World but that is of course, $5 / portion.

    Preference wise, mutton beats chicken bryani hands down! (for me)

  6. You make me feel like having nasi briyani for dinner tonight. ;) Love the pics! Esp the first one.

  7. I am drooling...it's 5 min. to midnight here, and I've a hankering for this dish, in fact, I always hanker for lamb briyani. This dish is definitely made from scratch and they probably do not use taste enhancer, hence your comment after eating ;) While we are deprived of such food here, I can easily eat it and be content (big round smile). Cheer!

  8. Hey, three more votes for mutton over chicken briyani! Yeah, it's an enormous pot of briyani rice. Leet skills indeed to make it consistently nice and fluffy!

    Chubbypanda: that is sheer wizardry! To be able to cook delicious curries without ever knowing what it tastes like.

    WHIUTL: Taste enhancer? MSG?

  9. Those photos are really amazing - the depth is awesome. It looks tasty - though it really is disappointing when something doesn't taste as good as it looks!

  10. I ate at this stall recently upon a recommendation, but we thought it was not very nice, average to below average.. the rice was greatly lacking in spices.

    Love mutton over chicken anytime when cooked nicely!

  11. well gd nasi bryani for me could be found at jalan kayu the shop beside the public carpark, tekka market 2 shops and 1 in yishun. im glad i found these good spots for my bryani fix. Yum yum...

  12. One of these days we should head east to makan there! I saw on the 'signboard' Acar limau buah buahan. did you try it?

    More to add to the "to eat" list!

  13. Thanks, Katie. Yeah, the food looks better than it tastes.

    C: agree with you.

    Alisetan: haa...jalan kayu and yishun a bit far for me. Tekka ones you mean Allaudin and the other guy?

    K-man: haha, you are really salad man. I didn't get to try the acar limau but thought it sounded good. Next time must try. Lots of other Malay food here too, come over lah! Can also try Hamid's briyani, maybe better.

  14. The briyani is nice but the service SUCKs... the sisters are very rude.

  15. hi,,yeayy e briyani may nt b nice to some ppl who have their own favourites.but e comments i think r super rude..put urself in tiz ppl place.wat if u r e family of the cook and u saw tiz comments ppl made abt ur family n business.well ten again,its just "malay people"..

  16. The only award this stall has not won is a Courtesy Award. Not long ago when I requested a lttle more gravy, the tallest of the three sisters gave me a dirty look. Unlike at Hamid's where the gravy in the rice was substantial without me asking for it. Another good briyani stall to try is the one at Turf City. Try it, you won't regret. BTW, it will be good for family members to read the comments so that service and briyani at this long-time stall in Geylang can be raised to its former glory. For now, I will definitely avoid it - so will my friends.


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