Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wahiro A La Carte

Beef shimeji
I could not depart without sampling some kushiyaki, which Wahiro does very well. Beef shimeji (S$5.80), simply delicious.

Butabara (pork belly) and kawa (chicken skin)
Pork belly (butabara, S$2.80) tastes so good grilled like this. Chicken skin (kawa, S$1.80) too. Grilled crisp and miraculously not greasy.

Nankotsu (grilled chicken gristle or cartilage) and scallop bacon kushiyaki
I've been called crazy for liking nankotsu or grilled chicken cartilage (S$2.50), but hey, clearly the Japanese thought it desirable as a regular kushiyaki item. Grilled very nicely here and still a little moist with bits of meat on the soft bone. I daresay these were better than the ones I had at Nanbantei in Tokyo. The scallop bacon was pleasant but may not be worth the price (S$9.80).

Luscious, beautiful, and thick slabs of salmon
Salmon sashimi (S$12). Glorious colour. That coveted firm yet almost creamy texture. Sweetness that you savour in silent reverence.

Testament to the chef's skill in filleting fish
The fish bones strung up say a lot about the chef's skills too. Look at how clean they are. Could not help admiring these.

112 East Coast Road #01-27/28/29
Katong Mall
Tel: 6342-2252
Lunch hours: 12-2pm
Dinner hours: 6-10pm


  1. Ahh... the pork belly!! Yum yum. I must go fix my craving soon.

  2. I saw the mini ribs and I am so tempted!

    Why why, is this place all the way in the East???

  3. keropok man: Not exactly very near but there's a branch at
    Goldhill Plaza too. Beside United Square near Globetrotters. :)

    Oh...I might just pop by one day!

  4. pssst: do u live near Katong? cos i saw a few posts u did which centres ard Katong.

    Alamak, i visit katong mall quite frequently too, but yet to try Wahiro. how ironic :P

  5. Wahiro remains one of my favourite sushi restaurants. Best value for money! Also, their 'flavoured' sushi (yuzu, sakura, katzuo...) is an interesting twist.


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