Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Remember your first taste of lemon?

lemon baby
I can't help it. This is so cute! Sorry it loads slowly - the animated gif is 1.9MB in size; but it's worth waiting for. Love that innocent, wide-eyed wonder as the kid bites into the lemon unsuspectingly!

P.S. This is not me torturing my kid. Just some random file from the intarnet.


  1. This is adorable!!! :)

  2. you see lots of parents feeding their kids lesson on the net.

    lemon's good for kids?
    i know it's good for me. LOL

    i drink half a lemon with a glass of water, nothing else. :-p

  3. haha cute ah?

    K-man: you love salads and now you drink lemon juice with water! hands down, the healthiest guy i know!

  4. all the pui bak i eat, lemon juice with water is to balance it a bit.

    lemon juice taste good btw. :-)

  5. OH MINE, I WANT TO PINCH THE BABY! hehe. camemberu, ur food shots are getting prettier! the salmon sashimi in wahiro looks yummy!

  6. Poor fella, but it's funny :)

  7. ha ha..poor baby. He/she just sooooooooo cute. I just love the expressions.

  8. Woah, he is sooooo adorable! His expression is really unforgetable! Goodness! Luckily you all had this captured! Sooooo cute! I can't help but to keep staring at his face! ;)

  9. Love this clip!! sure brightens up my day :)


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