Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nadine is two years old today!!

My little girl is growing up! Two years old today! Doesn't she look so mature already? We joke that she's our supermodel at home - oh yes, she will entertain you with a dorky back-bending pose that she's seen models do when they pivot and pause.

She is such a rambunctious tomboy, never a still moment. Running here, running there and especially, running out of the classroom! Looking at her today, you'd never guess she was born with a major hole in her heart. But that's been fixed. Nadine had open-heart surgery when only three months old (only the most harrowing experience ever!). The only tell-tale sign now is a fading scar down her chest where the incision was. I am still amazed how little babies can have their chests cut and yanked opened, hearts mended, with lifebeats stopped and resumed at will. The miracle of surgery. Every single day she is alive has been a blessing. But then that's true of all children, regardless of their condition.

Nadine's birthday pressie!
We got her a Dora Playhut Mega Maze for her birthday! It's a portable playhouse with tunnels and two "buildings". I'm reminded of the hamster house and tunnels I used to have. All this is missing is the wheel!

Nadine and Jolie explore their new castle
And now I can't get them to come out!

Given that it's also Nadine's daddy's birthday, we have double reasons to celebrate. Last year, we feasted at Lei Garden, CHIJMES. Where shall we go this year? Hmmm! :)


  1. Happy birthday, Nadine! (And Nadine's daddy too!)

  2. Happy birthday, Nadine!!

    What a fun maze for the both of them!

  3. Happy B'dae Nadine and Nadine's dad! :)

    To Nadine's mom, my sister was born with a hold-in-the-heart syndrome as well some other artery blockage problems. She's went through 3 seperate ops and is now a chirpy 25 year old awaiting to get married. Worry not, people with congenital problems somehow always grows up with a much bigger heart and character. I'm sure Nadine will be the same.


  4. Happy b'day, Nadine and Nadine's daddy! Wishing you many more years of good health and happy feasting! :)

  5. Cat - The girls grow up so fast till now then I realised they are so big.

    Lastly - Happy birthday to Daddy & Nadine=)

  6. Congrats, happy birthday Nadine! haha, another reason/excuse to eat something good :p

  7. Happy Birthday to Nadine! Can't wait to see where you went for your joint celebrations. Great that your present can be enjoyed with your mei mei.

    Lovely photos!

  8. Happy birthday to both Nadine and Nadine's dad. Many happy returns of the day.

    Camemberu, you have been through a lot. God bless and hugssssssssss.

  9. happy birthday to nadine and her papa!

  10. Happy birthday to Nadine! The mega maze look like so much fun! Look like both your girls are going to be Dora fan as well huh? ;)

  11. wah! happy birthday to Nadine and Nadine's daddy!

  12. Happy Birthday, Nadine and Nadine's daddy!

    oh, have a wonderful feast as well, ya! ;)

  13. Happy happy birthday Nadine! I would love to have that house too. Will you share it? ;)

  14. Nadine is very blessed to have you as her mommy, and you are very blessed to have her as your daughter, Camemberu :)

  15. Happy Birthday to Nadine and her daddy!

    Did you crawl inside too? It looks very comfortable inside!

  16. Thank you all very much! :)

    Yes, that playhouse is quite fun, but it doesn't have a base, so we had to put it over a padded playmat to make it comfortable. I

    wryer: Congrats to your sister! Yes, they can lead normal lives. As major as the surgery sounds, it's actually a fairly "routine" procedure. Nadine was lucky to have a really good surgeon though.

  17. She's a beautiful precious little one!

  18. Hi Camamberu, thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

    Adorable kids you have there, hee hee! Sorry to hear about Nadine's open heart surgery, but am relieved that it went well!


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