Saturday, July 19, 2008

Noor Jannah's Kitchen

Noor Jannah Mee Goreng
Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Mum-in-law has been quite sick, going in and out of hospital. I got my first taste of riding in an ambulance too. Fortunately, she's pulled through somewhat but she will need a wheelchair. A family friend gave us the contact of a good rehab supply shop at Kembangan Plaza. Noor Jannah's Kitchen is just around the corner from there, so that's where we had lunch. It's a Malay coffeeshop that offers tze-char like dishes at decent prices (see menu here and here). Been blogged about by ieat and Ivan, who will give you more background on the place itself.

The mee goreng (S$4) was delicious. Noodles were still firm, not soggy and the sauce was a hearty savoury mixture. Slightly on the sweet side, as Malay mee goreng tends to be, but not unpleasantly so. This dish actually restored hubby's confidence in commercial Malay cuisine. Whoa.

Fried rice with salted fish
The fried rice with salted fish (S$4) was disappointing to me. Totally bland except for the few chunks of salted fish that failed to deliver their flavour to the rest of the dish. Hubby liked it though, he said at least he could taste salted fish in it, unlike in some Chinese renditions (ah, I guess he has not eaten a really good version yet).

Cereal prawns
The cereal prawns (S$12) come with a good number of prawns (smallish but reasonably fresh). The shell is crispy enough to be eaten (tails and all) but the chewy batter makes the whole thing slightly rubbery. Hubby was not impressed but I found them decent. Not something to rush back for, but more than fine to eat if already ordered. I easily polished off more than half a dozen prawns.

Side dishes from another stall - fried peanuts (above) and sambal goreng
We also had some nice side dishes, ordered from the nasi padang style stall. These pre-prepared items arrived quickly of course, so we were able to nibble on these while waiting for Noor Jannah's dishes. Not sure why they needed such a long time, as the joint was almost empty.

It also occurred to me that an empty eatery during lunchtime on a weekend is not a good sign but perhaps they do most of their business at night, which is why they are also open til very late.

Having said that, the coffeshop opposite (Sin Choon or something, which also has Malay food) was packed and bustling. Oh well, I hope Noor Jannah does better here than they did at their former locale at Bedok.

2 Jalan Masjid
Tel: 9037 3623


  1. The mee goreng looks nice and luscious... Haven't some in ages, and now I feel like trying some tonight. :)

  2. hmmm have not had mee goreng for the longest time. it looks so good! the coating of the sauce on the noodles. yum...

    the sambal goreng looks good eh.

  3. The mee goreng looks very good even from the picture. Lovely and moist. I'd like that. I'm sorry to hear about mil. Hope she's well.

  4. Thank you for your comment at my blog. Best wishes to your MIL and hope she will be well soon. I just love all the pix you took in your blog. They are just beautiful.


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