Monday, July 7, 2008

Crispy Roast Chicken H.K. Style

Crispy roast chicken H.K. style
If there's something hubby and I both enjoy (we of infamously different tastebuds), it's a good Cantonese style crispy roast chicken. This one above is from Shang Palace - S$24 for half bird, and what a plump, meaty one it is. Nicely moist and just very lightly seasoned. The dipping salt is curry coloured and speckled with all kinds of herbs and spices. A hint of the woodsy. I think I still prefer the chicken with the savoury taucheo-chili sauce, which is really good here.

I hear Crystal Jade Palace at Ngee Ann City also does a good version of the crispy roast chicken. Yet to try that. Anyone have a favourite place for this dish?


  1. I agree that Chef Chan's crispy chicken is good,

    but I think only his chicken is good ... other food seems to be a bit salty for me.

  2. Chef Chan's Roast Chicken is the best I've tasted.
    His fried Beef is also good


  3. I actually like the chicken when the skin is crispy with little or no fats underneath (i dunno how do they do that) and the meat tender & plump. does this dish comes with keropok? some places comes with that.

  4. Heard that chef chan's is good but i've not tried it, so the one that i can recommend is from Dragon Phoenix restaurant in Novotel Clark Quay. Not sure if standards have dropped though since they moved there from their previous location, but their roast chicken was yummy. - blu

  5. holy...that looks good. i dont think i've ever had canto-style roast chicken. but i love roast duck. how do the two compare?


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