Monday, October 22, 2007

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

There are so many famous bak kut teh (pork rib tea) shops in Singapore. I would really like to do a roundup to see how they compare to one another. Plus my doctor has just told me I'm not putting on enough weight for my pregnancy - 7 months along and I'm only 5kg heavier, instead of 8kg minimum! How is that possible, despite all the food intake evidenced on this blog? Eat more, the doctor advised, especially protein. Well, all too happy to oblige any request to eat more!

Song Fa at Rochor Centre was conveniently close to KK Hospital. So I gladly indulged in a spot of afternoon tea - protein-packed pork rib tea!

The soup is light, clear and peppery, a la Teochew style (i.e. not thick, dark or herbal like the Hokkien style). Lots of garlic just the way I like it! But a tad too sweet...and the sweetness is almost too simple - as in probably achieved by the addition of simple sugars, instead of the more complex meaty sweetness derived from stewing the ribs for long hours. The ribs themselves too, told me they hadn't been stewed more than two hours - the cartilage/soft bones were still hard to the bite.

The beancurd skin with chicken feet was quite bland (probably good for elderly folks) and the sliced "you tiao" (dough fritters) pieces were cold (okay, well, it's rare to get any fresh and piping hot at bak kut teh places).

The meal above was about S$8.50 with rice. It's a filling meal, the bak kut teh is decent but did not blow me away.

SONG FA BAK KUT TEH (click for details of both branch locations, menu, prices and food photos)
Blk 1 Rochor Road Rochor Centre #01-506 Kopitiam
(look for it tucked away in the corner behind a mirrored pillar)



  1. Hey I'm eating pork lib that is boiled with vinegar and soy sauce now :p
    Can I find it in singapore? I learned how to cook it in the Philippines.

  2. Sinkee says that's his Granny's block!!

  3. Ah yes, Taro, the Chinese have this braised pork dish with dark soy sauce and vinegar - but it's normally done with pork trotters, not ribs. Very popular with women who have just given birth!

  4. Think there's a new branch opposite @Central...? Have you tried founder's at balestier? how's this compared to founder's if you have?

  5. I really like the dark and herbal Hokkien style, probably because I'm Taiwanese. But, this one looks great too.

  6. Bottomless Pit: no, sadly, I haven't tried Founder's yet although it's on my to-eat list (review coming soon!). Yes, there is a Song Fa branch nearer Central (see the link above for both branch addresses).

    Chubby Panda: hehe, I like the dark and herbal type too, but the Teochew style is also growing on me.

  7. hihi! if you like clear, light, peppery bak kut teh, can try Ya Hua :D

  8. The sweetness is from MSG. I got this MSG induced thirst for hours after I ate there... I'll avoid this one


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