Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Myojo Ramen Char Mee, Dry and Spicy!

Mmmh, what can I say? This is still my favourite instant noodle of all times. Dry and spicy. Best done al dente!

I've been guilty of wolfing down a pack at 2am sometimes when I wake up hungry. Yeah I know it's over 400 calories and gives you half your daily quota of saturated fat but it just tastes so good...



  1. This stuff is great. I was introduced to it when I was in the army and it is still my favourite instant noodle.

  2. i LOVE the stuff. Been forced to take a break from it due to weight issues and general unhealthiness but oh man do i love that stuff. My Mom actually bought a carton of it for me to bring to the States when I was studying there. Great brain food. Fat with carbs as most other good brain food is.

  3. i think the best one has gotta be indonesia's indomie goreng!
    not the versions in singapore but the indonesia verson.. u wil never get it here coz they dont pass the health board..they are suuuper duuper yummy.
    spicy with very fragrant crunchy onion bits.. mm~
    i always get them by the cartons when i go jakarta :)

  4. This is all time favorite too. I'm also guilty of slurping them in the wee hours. But I've since cut down alot on instant noodles.

  5. This is my favourite instant noodles too - started eating it when I was living in the hostel during uni time. Don't eat it very often nowadays but there's always some in my cupboard :)

  6. YES. i totally agree that it's one of the best instant noodles.... maggi mee curry flavor still on the top few of my list. that's more like a childhood favorite. getting myojo char mee in brisbane here can be quite hard, the asian supermarkets don't seem to have it regularly... and its around 3.50AUD per pack... like reading your blog so far... love the pictures especially... feel so homesick

  7. Indomee is my fav, but this is quite nice too :)
    Ranks second for dry instant noodles :)

  8. Oh man, I started eating this when I was growing up in Singapore, no other insant noodle (Except one brand of instant yakisoba I can't find in US) is as good.

    My mother brought over a suitcase full of it from Singapore, I still have half of them in my kitchen. So unhealthy and so good.

  9. Hahaha yes, it's so good, isn't it? I always need to stock up on this!

  10. you guys know where to find Indomie in Singapore? been to many places but can't find one...


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