Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fish & Co - Calamari to die for!

Calamari - fried, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

I have never been impressed with Fish & Co after they expanded as a chain restaurant. But I recently discovered to my surprise that they can do a calamari like nowhere else I've seen in Singapore. The fried version (S$8.90) gives you generous, wide-cut slices of squid that's crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. No chewiness! And just nicely seasoned.

New York style fish and chips, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Hubby took the New York style fish and chips (S$14.90), a large slab of crispy battered fillet of white fish with fries. It's OK, but a tad expensive I guess. Forgot to ask what kind of fish it was, but at least it didn't taste muddy.

Seafood platter for one, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

I took the seafood platter for one (actually wanted the version for two but hubby didn't want to veer away from fish and chips). Oh my god, it's a huge portion. Got more calamari here, this time the grilled version (which is also good, but the fried one is better). Five grilled prawns split open and a sliver of grilled fish (see base of photo). Loads of fries and some really tasty rice (saffron pilaf?) with raisins. Great value for money at S$18.90!

I've heard people complain about bad service at Fish & Co but so far, I've not experienced that yet (it probably varies from outlet to outlet). The server we had at Parkway Parade was prompt, friendly and proactively announced soup of the day and even credit card promotions. One waiter even gave Nadine a balloon, which delighted her to no end. Oh, yes, Nadine liked the food too (bits of fish and fries).

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  1. Yeah, their calamari is pretty good. Haven't been there for very long. I guess it depends on which outlet you go? At other outlets, it's hard to get their attention when they gets busy.

  2. Do try Manhattan Fish Market. Their Seafood platter is really good especially the garlic rice. Their Garlic Mussels are nice! They have branches at Plaza Singapura and The Central. Do try it.

    Here is their website:

  3. If u like calamari, you should really give Azhang's seafood platter a try.

  4. Had an unpleasant experience at Fish & Co in Tampines Mall about two months ago. My extended family (9 adults, 5 kids) went there for dinner. Sat down, placed our orders. The kids wanted fries for their main courses.

    When the kids' main courses were served, they came with - you guessed it, rice. We sent it back, but a while later, the crew came back saying that the kitchen told him they had no more fries! How can an established restaurant run out of fries? Even if they did, couldn't they have bought some from the NTUC supermarket, which was just a few shops away? Anyway, we didn't create a scene cos it wasn't the crew's fault; he was just the messenger.

    I sent an email to the company the next day, but till this date I have not heard from them.

  5. Wah so many comments! Thanks for the recommendations! Those are also on my to-try list (ah, so many places, so little time). Fish & Co was mainly due to proximity and convenience.

    Azhang's calamari I hear is also very tender but not fried. Basted with red wine sauce to keep it tender.

    James: sorry to hear about your experience. It's almost unthinkable for a joint like this to run out of fries! Then again, their fries aren't that great - the rice is actually tastier (IMHO)!

  6. hee, next time just request for them to change the grilled calamari in your seafood platter to deep fried ones to save money. =)

    and if you go on your (or someone else's) birthday, inform them! you'll get a free brownie or sth plus the entire crew singing the bday song for you. lol.

  7. i used to prefer the fried calamari, but after having the grilled calamari with lemon butter sauce (request for it!), i'm converted to a grilled~ The lemon butter sauce is really good!

  8. OOOo..the Calamaris!! I usually order a portion of fried and a portion of grilled. YUMMY!

  9. hahaha. i also had calamari and new york fish & chips the last time i went fish & co.

    the calamari serving was way too much for 2 person to finish. same too for the fish & chips. lol


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