Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Parkway Thai

I'd always thought Parkway Parade desperately lacked a Thai restaurant. Then I realised, oh there is one, in the basement - Parkway Thai. But that's not really Thai. It's really more Thai-wannabe. Oh well, not too many good Thai places in the East (that I know of).

The fried glass noodles are colourful but quite tasteless. Order this only if you like stuff soft and bland. Lots of egg though.

Seafood tom yum soup, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The tom yum doesn't really taste much like tom yum. A rather salty broth with seafood that isn't too fresh. Not enough of a spicy or tangy kick.

Som tum - papaya salad, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The papaya salad was OK. Generously doused with dressing, it was a simple dish with enough flavour.

Since I'm not a regular, I am not too familiar with the dishes that Parkway Thai might be better at (are there any at all?). It seems to have been around for a long time, and features buffets at lunch, tea time and recently dinner as well. There's a branch at Centerpoint as well.



  1. But there IS a good Thai restaurant in the east :) Check out A-Roy Thai, Goodwill Court
    81 Upper East Coast Road

    Opening Hours:
    Tue-Sun: 1130am-3pm, 6pm-10pm (closed Mon)

    Tel: 6443 0373

  2. That "Thai" food makes me a sad panda.

  3. parkway thai has been in parkway since forever, the name says it. it used to be on the second or third level at the corner. after the major renovation works to parkway, it has since shifted to the basement where all the other food are.

  4. Parkway Thai has actually very good food.

    Their green and red curries are both rich and hearty.

    Their FRIED basil leaf chicken is awesome.

    Their black pepper prawns/curry prawns has the right kick to it.

    Their fish with sambal is another worthy dish. Hopes this helps.
    I;m a regular at the restaurant.

  5. xxoos - u has cheez sausage! lol

    Thanks, Moonie! I so rarely go there but I'll know what to try next time!


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