Monday, October 15, 2007

My new 8GB iPod Touch

My new 8GB iPod Touch, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

STOP PRESS! The iPod Touch has landed! In my hands, no less! Oh yes, oh some how dreams come true!

It was a little funny. Hubby got back from the U.S. today at 6am with a surprise present for me, saying it was important for me and unborn baby to listen to soothing, relaxing music in my final trimester of pregnancy. In the darkness of dawn (we didn't switch on lights because it threatened to wake Nadine up), I couldn't see clearly what he handed me but I made out the picture of Macy Gray. In my groggy stupor, I wondered, "Since when is Macy Gray soothing, relaxing baby music??" and frowned. But the brick-like box didn't feel like a CD and then the familiarity of the picture hit me. Oh my God! It's an iPod Touch!!!

Wheee! I have liked the iPhone since it came out. But I don't really care for the phone function, more the rest of the deliciously cool device. Anyway, a phone feature can be added later on as an accessory (the iPhone is a software phone anyway). The iPod Touch is not yet available in Singapore, but they're taking pre-orders on the website.

Now, back to earth and back to the regular food reporting (the Malaysia trip that was in end Sept)...



  1. What do u think of your iPod Touch?

    Is it good?

    How much in Singapore dollar?

  2. Oooh I love the iPod Touch! Apple never fails to wow. The touchscreen offers wonderfully intuitive navigation and the colour display is crisp and clear. Music, photos, videos and even a special built-in YouTube player.

    Only gripe I have is that I can't sync ebooks/pdfs directly onto this thing unless I view it via the Internet. Prices and more details available on the Singapore website I linked to (I think it's S$498 for the 8GB model).

  3. Oh my God!! I also wanna a Ipod Touch. Its so cool!! hahaha

    U got test out the battery life?

    Just got my new ipod nano video today, but its nothing compare to ipod touch : )

  4. I haven't fully tested the battery life by playing it non-stop (still trying to consolidate my iTunes library which is scattered over 3 different computers and external HDDs). But standby time is about 3 days if you don't power-off the device.

    You must be enjoying the iPod Nano Video! The screen is quite nice too.

  5. hahaha! ipod nano video is really nothing, nothing compare to ipod touch.

    But i am gonna get the iphone when it launch in Asia, mayb not the first version. Lesson that i learn in the past tells me not to get the first batch of new technology products, they are always not as good, and cost a lot more : )

  6. well i gotta couple touch's. i worked my ass off (im 15) and bought one a couple weeks ago. then my mom bought me another one yesterday for a late christmas gift. she doesnt know what i get when im at my dads. anyways, theyre great. you can turn the thing off while music is playing to save battery life, allowing for about 22 hours when its playing music turned off. when it is doing other things, the battery isnt that great. other than that i love them. im in the states and it retails for about 324 bucks and some odd cents after tax. well worth it


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