Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wahiro Bento

Various appetisers with salmon roe
My friend had the Wahiro Bento, which he seemed to enjoy very much. The various appetisers were "SHIOK!" but the salmon roe a tad salty. Still, it all went together beautifully.

Fried fish
The fried fish item was also good - no fishy taste at all, a good indicator of freshness.

Sashimi, sweetest ever.

Potato croquettes
Probably the only disappointment - the bland potato croquettes. Looked really good to me though.

Wahiro Bento
The Wahiro Bento is S$25 and comes with rice, pickles, and a bowl of clear soup which has a whole shrimp, mushroom and other goodies. Available daily.

112 East Coast Road #01-27/28/29
Katong Mall
Tel: 6342-2252
Lunch hours: 12-2pm
Dinner hours: 6-10pm


  1. This is rather unrelated to the current post, sorry...but nonetheless a rather important update. In case you haven't already known, Peter at Jago Close in Katong (from the corner coffeeshop which also sells Twee Kee chicken rice) has relocated to Block 18, Bedok South Avenue 1. Yes the same Peter and his dad who fries up a mean char kway teow on "opeh" leaf. My husband who is a true Hokkien boy and all CKT fans out there who like their char kway teow not overly sweet, but very well wok-hei'ed with aromatic garlic, barh you poh, fresh hum and plenty of liao inclu prawn and egg etc. Since the 13th of this month, he has been spreading his char kway teow cheer at the Hong Soon Food Court in Blk 18 Bedok South Ave 1, opposite the market. He tells me that they will be there for 3 months, depending on the response. Right now, business is not so good cos not many people know they have moved to their current location. So old fans as well as newbies please take note of their new location and go support them. Thank you!

  2. Hi Meebles! I actually have a post on Peter's at Jago and someone has already left us a comment about the move.

    Sorry to hear they're not doing so well. I was afraid that might be the case, as the new location is so near the ULTIMATE char kway teow - Hill Street CKT. But who knows, hopefully enough supporters will head there and shore things up.

  3. ahhhh ok, didn't realise that. So sorry for the redundancy. Yeahhh....i know, the hill street ckt has garnered such a huge following although I recently ate it and felt that the standard has gone down. Not as wok-hei'ed as before and a tad too sweet. But as they say, competition is good. So at least Peter's is opened till late at night. I believe hill street one isn't. BTW, love love your blog....I think you write very well and I virtually "eat" Jap thru your blogs due to budgetary constraints. So keep up the awesome work! Thanks!!!! :))))

  4. i used to work next door at awfullychocolate but never got to have a try at the japanese...looks pretty good. awesome pics. x

  5. about peter jago fried kway teow mee. Now they have move to blk 6 tanjong pagar food ctr #02-52, opp amara hotel, beside tanjong pagar plaza nutc fairprice. open in 23th of sept08 fr 11am onwards

  6. so cute bento blog you have!! These foods are so yummy!!



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