Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rakuichi Bento

OK, no more bad poetry, I promise. Here's the review proper. Rakuichi proved to be a luxurious lunch, right after Jones the Grocer at Dempsey Hill. Luxurious both in terms of cost and food quality. The Rakuichi Bento (S$32.90) I had was a very pretty set. The tempura, so dainty and nicely arranged, was light and tasty.

Very fresh sashimi
The bento came with some of the sweetest and freshest sashimi I've had in a long time. In addition to the chrysanthemum petals, I was delighted to taste fine shavings of yuzu zest - the dream-like citrusy notes simply took the luscious fish to greater heights of flavour. Trussed up like a garden over scintillating ice, the sashimi array even offered various sorts of seaweed as accompaniment. Loved every bit of this.

Gindara - grilled silver cod
A modest slab of silver cod, grilled to near perfection. The delicate meat held its shape only to survive the journey on the chopsticks to melt in your mouth. I only wish it was a more generous portion. Hubby wouldn't touch this though, as he doesn't like "strong-flavoured" fish.

Stewed vegetable appetiser
Appetiser of stewed or blanched vegetables in clear broth. Pleasant but the flavours were really too subtle for my liking.

Rakuichi Bento
The set also comes with chawanmushi, white miso soup and rice. I really have to commend their chawanmushi for its extremely silky texture and beautifully delicate taste. It was also chockful of ingredients - kinoko (mushrooms), gingko nut, chicken, prawn, crabstick, and I forget what else. In all, my set was fantastic value for money - good quality food and the effort taken into presentation aesthetics. And it comes with the scoop of goma (black sesame) ice cream. The Rakuichi Sushi (S$28) was less than stellar but we could have been too full when we ate it (it took a while to come). Inaniwa udon (S$12) was decent and refreshing.

Hubby thought the place was competent but pricey. But good things rarely come cheap. I like this place better than Akashi and Tatsuya. I might visit the Rakuichi outlet at Far East Shopping Centre in town next time, a much better location.

Blk 10 Dempsey Road #01-22
Tel: 6474-2143
(another outlet at Far East Shopping Centre)


  1. Oh gosh that sashimi looks like slender slabs of heaven... Mmmm...

    P.S. Where got bad poetry? ;)

  2. Wow, the whole layout and design is simply beautiful! :)

  3. Very nice food styling! The food looks really yummy. I can see that you are visiting demsey road quite often lately huh. :P

  4. the only bad poetry is from me lah! hahaha... bento looks damn good.

  5. excellent review! but 33 bucks for a bento might be pushing the line quite a bit. haha

  6. i agree dempsey is a little out of the way, goo thing they have another branch!

  7. 33 bucks for a bento thats quite well prepared seems pretty decent to me. How much would you pay for a bento like that Brad?

  8. I can imagine the crisp tempura taste by looking at it.

    Oh.. just look at the sashimi!

  9. ya lor, where got bad poetry???
    it was good lar ;)

  10. Kenny: yes, heaven indeed! I'm still dreaming about it.

    Anon: yes, it made me wonder if bento chefs have to train in design or something.

    Didally: actually no, it's still my first visit. This was the taken the same day as Jones the Grocer. Yeah, we ate a lot, haha.

    Southernoise: your poetry was an innovation! Hokkien haiku, dun pray pray!

    Lady/Brad: never mind, Ichiban Sushi and Sakae are always there for you!

    Yixiaooo: haa yes, although hubby wonders why they chose to locate there. That building must be the only one in Orchard Road that hasn't changed since it was built!

    Southernoise: I fully agree. I think if we were to buy the ingredients alone to duplicate this bento ourselves, it would come up easily to $30 or more!

    K-man: mmmh yes. Outing potential? hehe

    Nic: haha you are too kind!

  11. southernoise: haha, i didn't have bento often so i am not sure? but i think i wont mind spoiling myself once in awhile for this. lol!

    camemberu: no! i'll never go to sakae! aha. ok, on second thoughts i think 33 bucks are not that expensive after all. ha


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