Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weekend Dim Sum Brunch at Shang Palace

Shang Palace was renovated in late 2007, and its decor now sports modern Chinese opulence
Sunday brunches are getting so ridiculously expensive that it's refreshing to find a place that actually gives you a 30% discount (for an early seating 10.30am to noon). It's the newly renovated (in late 2007) Shang Palace at Shangri-la Singapore. But note that this isn't a buffet, just really good dim sum. And good dim sum makes a great brunch, any day, in my books. Ah, I really shouldn't laud this place, as getting reservations are tough enough as it is.

Siew mai, big and jooshie!
We had quite a few items, so this will be a bumper post. Shang Palace does their staple dishes quite well - the siew mai (S$4.80, all prices before discount) was delicious, large and juicy.

Perfect har gau (shrimp dumplings)
Har gau (S$4.80) all perfectly formed, not a single tear in sight. The gently chewy skin held the large shrimp within along with its juices very well.

Crispy roast pork
Ah delectable cubes of fatty joy. These were excellent! Probably the most crispy skin ever on any roast pork I've had. To think these cost pretty much the same (S$8) as those you get in pedestrian Crystal Jade! We almost immediately wanted another portion.

Pan-fried shredded taro
Pan-fried shredded taro (S$4.50) I chose because I wanted to try something different. The waitress suggested the deep-fried taro pastry (wu kok) instead, saying that was better, but I stuck to my choice. Hmm, so what did this taste like? Well, like yam rice without the rice. Embedded within the taro were dried prawns, which made it quite savoury. However, the texture was still a little too dry for our liking.

Prawn rolls in beancurd skin, deepfried
My weakness - deepfried prawn rolls in beancurd skin (S$4.50) - I almost always have this during dim sum. But I'm starting to think they all taste the same everywhere. Still, what's not to like about crispy beancurd skin and plump, juicy prawn filling? Nadine ate this with relish.

Lobster, scallop and roe on dumplings
Scallop dumpling with lobster and roe (S$6.50). Doesn't the name alone just tease up expectations? The flavours are more subtle than strong though.

Steamed chicken feet with black pepper
True to its name, the steamed chicken feet (S$4.50) with black pepper was indeed redolent of the spice.

Spring rolls with crabmeat and egg white
This was probably the only letdown. Rather bland spring rolls with crabmeat and egg white (S$4.50). It was a creamy white mess inside, with only mere traces of crabmeat.

Salted egg yolk and custard buns
Now these innocuous little things were stunning. Salted egg yolk and custard buns (S4.50) - so very skilfully made! Hubby loved these so much, he used such explicit praise which I cannot repeat here, lest children are reading.

Centre of liquid gold
Just look at how thin the skin is! I was amazed how it managed to hold the contents of deliciously hot, molten liquid gold. Salty yolk and sweet custard. Simply kitchen alchemy!

Even the ceiling's got beautiful, rich, decorative glass tiles
As you cast your eyes heavenward in savouring the delicacies, you will notice that the ceiling is a feast for the eyes as well.

What might this be? Looks like molten glass, bubbly and silvery black - OMG it's a lazy Susan!
Even the lazy Susan has character. Silvery black glass that looks like it's still bubbling. Mildly uneven surface but plates do just fine on it. Gorgeous piece of art.

Avocado pudding with mango sauce
We finished off with a cold dessert. The avocado pudding with mango sauce (S$6) was very colourful on a heart- or peach-shaped plate. The rich sauce complemented the firm pudding while the strawberry added tartness and bite.

We quite enjoyed the meal. Service was generally up to expectations, although we had to serve ourselves the gourmet Chinese tea after the first cup. The restaurant is bustling and full. Reservations are not only a must, but best be made a couple days ahead at least. They have three lunch seatings for weekends which fill up quickly.
10.30am to noon (dim sum early bird 30% discount applies here)
12.15pm to 1.30pm
1.30pm to 2.45pm

Shangri-la Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Tel: 6213-4473
Lunch : 11:30 am - 2:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
Lunch : 10:30 am - 2:30 pm (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays) - hmm this should be 2.45?
Dinner : 6:30 - 10:30 pm
(info off their website)


  1. I would have stuck to the shredded taro too! Sounds promising, pity it didn't deliver. Gosh, your stunning custard buns pics make me drool!

  2. wow I just melt when I see your pictures, so well taken!

  3. The roast pork so cutely cubed! The trimmed off the bottom meaty part? Wow..must be really good.

  4. looks fabulous... does the 30% apply for saturdays too?

  5. Camemberu, how much did you spend in all (after discount)? Your pics are gorgeous!


  6. omg! another dim sum place added to my long list. lol!

    eh, how does the early bird discount works? as in so long be there before 12 noon, can get 30% off?

    Or the 30% is only if you go at 1030 and finish eating by 12noon?

  7. how come they dun do such an offer in kl..haha must b us gluttons that wake up at restaurants queuing up b4 10.30..

  8. your siew mai is positively glistening!

  9. Aroma: ah, the price we pay for curiosity. Well, no regrets though. Otherwise I will never rest not knowing what this one tasted like. Oh the custard buns are quite yum!

    BBO: hey thanks! :)

    PPea: yeah, bottom part (actually I prefer this leaner part to the fatty middle) trimmed off. But I'm happy so long as they don't trim off the SKIN!

    Gagamama: yes, I think so, since it's a weekend deal. But best call to confirm

    Southernoise: lol!! Eh I hope this doesn't turn out to be like the Wasabi Bistro experience. Go with tempered expectations please!! :P

    Anon/Ju: My final bill was inadvertently inflated by the crispy roast chicken and gourmet Chinese tea that we had. Dim sum portion after discount was about S$32.60 - gosh, less than the tea (S$35)!

    LIC: you basically have to settle your bill and clear out by 12 noon.

    Joe: hahaha, that's a good one. Wake up already queueing for dim sum. Ah, KL dim sum...I miss the real old school type.

    Yixiaooo: lol

  10. one half hour for 30% off. i guess its reasonable, you don't need that long to eat dim sum, unless want to slowly enjoyed. haha

  11. I must say the salted egg yolk and custard buns are really fantastic. I was scooping and scraping any single stain of the melted salted egg yolk. A dish really worth trying.

  12. Oh my.. the pork belly!! The salted egg yolk custard bun looks really good!

  13. The Salted egg yolk and custard buns look DELICIOUS. This is art, surely, to make it so thin the skin... :)


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