Monday, July 28, 2008

Wahiro's S$15 Lunch Set

Tempura - shrimp, okra, lotus root
Tempura tepee of shrimp, okra and lotus root.
Crisp perfection. Light as air.

Mini sashimi trio
Mini sashimi trio. Thick, luscious bites.
Freshness never tasted so sweet!

Cooked item - chicken stew
Chicken stew. A taste of home.

Crisp salad with tangy ponzu dressing
A fresh beginning. Icy cold, crisp and tangy.

Wahiro's S$15 lunch set
My, I have forgotten how good Wahiro is. This is the first time I'm trying them for lunch. The quality of ingredients and elegant portions made me feel light, clear-headed and refreshed after eating. This lunch set used to be S$12+ just last year. With recent increase in prices, it's now S$15 but still unbeatable value. Available daily but menu items may vary according to chef's selection.

Older Wahiro posts here and here. Tomorrow, the Wahiro Bento.

Update 29 July 2008: I came here again today but the food was not as impressive. Sashimi slices were smaller. Rice a bit soggy. We had the "fried item" instead of tempura, and it was minced salmon sandwiched between lotus root slices, breaded and deep-fried. Didn't work for us. Tempura's a much safer choice. But sometimes the fried item can be a nice tori karaage, so it depends on your luck. The stew was much nicer today, made with shabu-shabu thin slices of pork instead of chicken. Miso soup was salmon miso instead of plain. We also had a delicious mori soba (cold noodles, S$9.80), which came al dente.

112 East Coast Road #01-27/28/29
Katong Mall
Tel: 6342-2252
Lunch hours: 12-2pm
Dinner hours: 6-10pm



  1. Wow, that's really good value.

  2. is the set lunch available on weekends too?

  3. value for money!! but too far. hahaha

  4. Hi Camemberu,

    It's always great to read your Flog! (: Haven't got a chance to try Wahiro yet (even though the bf and I frequently hang out around the East Coast/Katong stretch...)

    Katong Mall is closing soon isn't it? I think...

  5. great value for money even for malaysians! everything u need..

  6. SIG: yes! But portions are not huge. Good for light lunch.

    Car: I asked on your behalf yesterday. Yes, the set meals are available every day, including weekends!

    LIC: haha, yes, negates any transport costs and travelling time!

    Koume: Thanks! Hope you get to try Wahiro soon. Yeah, Katong Mall was sold en-bloc amidst some controversy just recently. Not sure what will happen to it. I hope Wahiro will continue to stay in the East though!

    Joe: indeed, a little bit of everything at a nice price.

  7. I tried recently

    the sashimi was not fresh!!

    and the rice also smell strange.

    Overall to me quality has dropped


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