Friday, July 25, 2008

Roti Jala at Bedok Corner

Roti Jala with boiled egg, salad and curry chicken in bowl
In addition to nasi padang in the previous post, hubby decided to go for some roti jala. I like roti jala but I can't even remember ever having in Singapore. I don't see it much around or I haven't been looking hard enough. Anyway, this set (S$2.80) comprised four pieces of roti jala, a serving of curry with entire chicken wing, a boiled egg and token salad. The curry was luridly thick and spicy! It BURNS but in the way that makes you want more! A stark reminder that roti jala in itself is nothing if the curry isn't good.

I thought the roti jala (the griddle-fried, lacy pancakes or crepes) were a little underdone. Maybe I've been fed burnt pieces while growing up, but my image of roti jala has always been of that which are slightly browned on the surface, with the bonus of a crisp edge here and there.

Goreng Pisang Satay Power
The scent of jackfruit completely envelopes this stall. They sell mainly fritters (like banana, tapioca, jackfruit), satay and ayam penyet along with roti jala, sundry cakes, cookies and a couple of desserts. I should try the "Satay Power" next time!

Stall 12, Bedok Corner Food Centre


  1. $2.80 sounds reasonable for that portion of roti jala and curry, thick curry to boot. Where is this bedok corner? Opposite the army camp, with the famous cheng tng and used to have a good wanton mee stall too? Not sure if wanton mee is still there.

  2. Oh I've tried the satay from both Satay Power and another stall called Satay Solo.

    Frankly, I much pefer the one from Satay Solo. Even the gravy is nicer. I had the chicken, beef and tried from both stalls.

    Do you eat tripe (babat)? The one from Satay Solo is done pretty nicely.

    Go on a weekday. Less crowd, better service. And you can order from both stall to compare!

  3. SIG: yep! :) hmm, wantan mee you say? not sure too. I only knew of the chng tng

    CT: hey thanks for the tip on Satay Solo. Yes, I like tripe but yet to try it in satay. Must go back soon!

  4. Chanced upon your blog while googling for roti jala. What an interesting blog! Beautiful pictures, an effervescent, fun and lively style of writing that's such a joy to read. It's got so much variety - cross-country recommendations (Singapore, Malaysia, Japan), varied topics from a book recommendation to rare hawker food (eg roti jala) to varied cuisine reviews (buffet, high tea, breakfast joints, pastries, biscuits, instant noodles etc). Many thanks Camemberu for sharing.


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