Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rakuichi - In Seasons

Starter salad
Suggestive of life,
the colours of Spring.
Rousing the palate,
and new beginnings.

Porcelain chopstick stand
Arid wastelands this used to be
Summer comes to this oasis
Even the fish seek cool relief
But few will get their rest in peace

Rakuichi Sushi, S$28, their signature dish
Autumn harvest of soft-shell crab
Slivers of fish and avocado
Dainty rice speckled with roe
Crowned with pearl of orange gold

Goma ice cream
Dark cold Winter brings sweet delight
A frosty palace of suspended life
Sandy black sesame seizes the soul
And melts away the cares of old

As with the inaniwa udon, all can be found at...

Blk 10 Dempsey Road #01-22
Tel: 6474-2143
(another outlet at Far East Shopping Centre)


  1. Your photography improved to 5* rating.

  2. ya, your pictures are really getting better and better! we got dslr at about same time, but yr pictures are so much nicer than mine! i'm so ashame, have to buck up. haha

  3. Love the first pic... the leave jumps out at you.

  4. Erm.. the leaf i mean.. hehe

  5. Oh the Digital Single Lens Reflex
    Produces photos beyond pretext
    Words so lovely, puts things in context
    Spirals the minds of readers like a vortex

  6. Hi, was searching through for high tea buffets and I come across your blog via google...

    I have to say I am very impressed by your photos and organization... Great Job... Gotten quite a fair bit from your blog...

    Guess it is time to add a new bookmark :D

  7. Wah... very nice photos! And poetry to boot! The full package. :)

  8. ahseng see picher
    picher is si beh tan chiak
    submit stockphotos!


  9. Wah smart, thank you very much! :) I'm still learning.

    LIC: haha, beginner's luck only lah. The food looks good in the first place. Are you enjoying your new camera? I rarely have time to use mine. Mostly on weekends.

    Singairishgirl: 3D effect? :)

    K-man: phwoar! CHIM poetry! *kowtow*

    Fen: thanks, glad this blog came in useful for you!

    Kenny: thank you!

    Southernoise: lol Hokkien haiku? Quite good ah, follow the 5-7-5 format!

  10. lol! what does luck have to do with taking good photos!?! haha! yeah i am enjoying my camera, although i have yet to learn its full potential yet. haha

    I also rarely have time to use, mostly on weekends also. But you don't seem to be not using it leh, with so many new posts everyweek : )

  11. this is my kinda post...poetic, beautiful and full of deliciousness...keep it up!

  12. Haha Nic, *you* are the master of poetic food posts! I have much to learn from you!

    Lady/Brad: luck has everything to do with taking a good photo, especially when you have only 5 seconds to compose and take your shot, while keeping grubby baby hands off the food/camera/cutlery/wandering waitstaff. AND the food has to look good in the first place! lol

    Ah excellent, so you haven't noticed that my "many new posts" are often of the same place! Of late, I usually only have one trip during the weekends to generate a whole week's worth of postings. Sigh, kids falling sick, MIL falling sick...I'm too tired to take photos sometimes.


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