Friday, February 15, 2008

Yellow signboard wantan mee

Yellow signboard wantan mee, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

There is this trio of famous wantan noodles stalls at Old Airport Road. This is from the one with the yellow signboard, sorry I forgot to take note of the name or unit number. But honestly, it's not particularly outstanding. Like the girl next door...wearing too much makeup. Dang, what kind of colouring did they use on the charsiew? Photo shows it as it is - garish bright red under the flash. Portions start from S$2, I think.



  1. Wonton mee...yum!
    Before I left, I've gone for the one at Tanjong Rhu - I hv no address but it's on the void deck of a housing estate. Not bad!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to know another blogger from S'pore who stays in the eastern zone! hahhaha!

  2. i like the red signboard one the most!

  3. eeks... i normally wouldn't touch char siew that looks like that. reminds me of those BP wanton mee. Dipped in red dye.

  4. southernoise, not all BP char siew looks like that lah. LOL

  5. Lol! is it really call the yellow signboard or cos u forget the name so u call it the yellow signboard? Hahahaha

  6. Tigerfish, I think I've heard of the Tanjong Rhu wantan mee, quite near the famous pau, right? Ah someday I hope to try it.

    Wenxiu: yes, the red signboard one is more tasty. I haven't tried the green signboard one.

    Southernoise and Keropokman: lol

    Ladyironchef: many ppl remember the three famous stalls there aby the colour of their signboards - red, yellow and green. The names (some quite long) are harder to remember. So it's not the real name, no. :)

  7. good afternoon,

    I am having a hell of a time posting my comments. Let me introduce myself, its nothernstar.

    I am a singaporean living in holland, not so long ago I was home for a 5 week course but because it was an intensive course i did not have time to go looking for the best wantan mee, now I know, so the next time....

    does anybody have the recipe? i would really love to make it here.


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