Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oyster omelette from Xing Li

Oyster omelette, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Oyster omelette ("or-luak" or "or-chien") has got to rank amongst the greasiest of all hawker foods (right up there with char kway teow and fried carrot cake). It is also one of the most delicious. I like mine with crispy egg and enough gooey starch which soaks up the seafood flavour. But given that it should be a rare treat, we must find really tasty oyster omelette. Otherwise it won't be worth the calories and cholesterol. One day I must try those from Ah Hock (Whampoa) and Ah Chuan (Toa Payoh).

Out of curiosity, I tried this stall at Old Airport Road food centre which sells nothing but oyster omelette. However, it is not terribly good. So I really don't know how long it will survive there.



  1. For oyster omelette, theres a very gd stall tucked in a small coffeshop near kovan mrt, junction of simon rd and upp sg rd.

  2. Hi there :) thanks for dropping by my blog yest :)

    my dad n I are huge fans of OOOO Jian! i was salivating when i saw yr pix *haahah* btw, great pix u hv there. What cam u using?
    I live in the east, n the only Oooo Jian stall i still patronise is in the hawker centre beside Parkway... erm, cant recall the name tho. I used to like the O Jian fr Lagoon too.... but the Qs put me off :P


  3. Kovankid, wah Kovan, a bit far but at least near an MRT!

    Anon/ESBM: Oh yes, I know the Marine Parade Central stall, Katong something. Not too bad for a fix. But recently, everytime I want to eat there, it's closed for some reason! lol

  4. when the guy cooked, it's nice. but another time i went, the lady think is the mum cookied, really normal lo, and i ordered $5, only like 3 oyster. zzz.


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