Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jia Wei at Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel

We were surprised to see a new Chinese restaurant at Grand Mercure Roxy. It's simply called "Jia Wei", meaning "flavours of the home" (roughly translated). I guess this took over the old Beads (Thai restaurant).

Since it was quite new, we weren't sure what to expect but were pleasantly surprised by the stellar service and reasonably good dim sum (similarly priced to Crystal Jade but a notch better). It's just a small selection (a two-page menu) but done well, some with a creative twist. We went for dim sum items because their current lunar new year festive menu had equally "festive" prices.

Roast pork, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The roast pork (S$10) that arrived was a generous portion cut into 12 large cubes. It even came with a small side of marinated jellyfish. The meat was slightly fatty for me but hubby thought it was delicious (and he's not even fond of pork).

The steamed prawn dumplings (S$3.60) came bulging with seafood goodness. Fresh juicy prawns inside translucent dumpling skin, topped with a slice of scallop.

I always like to have fried prawn dumpling in beancurd skin. But I was surprised to find Jia Wei's version (S$3.60) came with crunchy water chestnuts and wood ear fungus inside, and wrapped with nori outside. All of my favourite things!

Ah this was quite nice and unusual too. Minced pork dumplings sitting in a savoury Szechuan pepper and soy dressing. Also S$3.60.

The fried carrot cake with XO sauce (S$10) was only so-so, but only because I've had much better at Asia Grand. Had to tar-pao (doggybag) this as we were too full already.

Yeah, we had too many starchy dishes. The "small" portion of ee-fu noodles was too large for us (we also doggybagged this). It tasted too delicate and subtle. If they amplified the flavours, it would have been quite good. Loved the kinoko mushrooms though.

On every table was this impressive tray of festive goodies, largely candied fruits and seeds for guests to help themselves to. Most of it too sweet for our personal liking, but hey, it's a nice touch.

We're glad we gave this place a chance. Quality food, in a pleasant setting. On hindsight, the S$74 bill for 5 dim sum, 1 noodles and 1 meat dish does seem pretty steep (for my wallet anyway). Could have gone to Cherry Garden for unlimited dim sum for just a bit more. But I have to commend their waitstaff for excellent service. Perhaps it is a new joint and they are eager to please but thumbs up for their good effort nonetheless.

2nd floor
Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel
50 East Coast Road
Tel: 6340-5678
Lunch: 12noon - 3pm
Dinner: 6pm - 11pm



  1. wow. looks nice : )

    But really a bit ex

  2. I wonder how is their non-dim sum menu like? Did you get a peek of their set dinner menu? Dim sum looks look =)

  3. L: the dim sum (at $3.60) is not really ex but I think the ee-fu noodles did us in (probably around S$18 and not worth it)

    M: non-dim sum menu looked luxurious (it was the CNY festive menu). I'm not sure what their regular menu is like, but we'll be back to check it out someday.


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