Friday, February 29, 2008

Obolo - Gourmet Desserts

Dome Exotique, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Obolo is a boutique dessert shop specialising in gourmet cheesecakes and patisseries. They started with an online presence, and now have a retail outlet at Joo Chiat. The decor is sleek and contemporary but the space is tiny, probably seating no more than 10 persons at a time. We picked two desserts and a macaron to try.

The Dome Exotique is essentially "mango mousse, crunchy almond nougatine, mango gelee and pineapple chiboust with rum on a pistachio biscuit base". However it looks and sounds better than it tastes. Too much of a sponge cake texture. Still enjoyable, and tastes better in larger bites. Truly a fru-fru and fruity dessert. S$6.20.

I had to choose the "Noisette" (which basically means made or flavoured with hazelnuts). The official description reads rather decadently - "dark chocolate mousse, caramelised toasted hazelnuts, crunchy praline feullitine, chocolate genoise enrobed in a shiny chocolate glaem" - I suppose they mean gleaming chocolate coat. S$6.50.

Fortunately, that a mouthful of a description also translates into a treat of deep, rich chocolate and hazelnut flavours. Because it's dense and intense, it's best savoured in small and langurous bites.

See how neatly they slice their cakes? There's a tip on their website that says to use a hot, thin-bladed knife. Aha...must try that out some time.

Bittersweet chocolate macaron, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Oh, this was delicious. It makes you close your eyes and go "mmmmh..." and this coming from a person who doesn't even like macarons. Cocoa nibs adorn the top of this delicate confection. I think I need to come back for more of these. S$1.60 each.

Obolo also serves gourmet coffee and tea. There's currently a promotion - 80 cents for coffee/tea on weekdays with every purchase of a dessert or three macarons. See website for more details.

452 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: 6348-9791
Weekdays from 12.30pm-9.30pm (Fridays til 10.00pm)
Weekends from 11.30am-10.00pm (Sundays til 9.30pm)
Closed Mondays and public holidays



  1. That sounds really really good!
    I know this is unrelated to this post, but I am eating sashimi now, so I was wondering how one would cut sashimi in a way that no sinews can be detected? (Like how you mentioned in your previous posts!) :)

  2. Ah this is the reason Japanese sashimi chefs train for years. Personally I'm not an expert but I think it's got something to do with:

    a) having a REALLY sharp knife
    b) knowing your fish anatomy (how and where the sinews are dispersed in different fish)
    c) cutting against the grain!
    d) cutting at the appropriate angle in one clean slice (any sawing motion will damage the flesh)

    but hey I could be wrong! :)

  3. I have to try that Noisette - looks heavenly!

  4. i see two magical words: dark chocolate and i'm sure those two words caught didally's eyes too :p


  5. Have tried several of their cakes, but their oreo cheesecakes are worth a mention too. Its rich ( but not overpowering) and not too sweet. Can polish off the entire slice easily.

    Doesnt really fancy their marcrons thou.

  6. ya..their oreo cheese cake is yummy!

  7. Oo la la. That slice of cake looks sinfully rich and the macaroon tempting!

  8. Oreo cheesecake, eh? Noted, will try that next time I'm there.

    As for the macarons, well, I'm not an expert cos I've been mainly AVOIDING them! :) This is the first time I've enjoyed one.

  9. wow, $6.50 for a slice of cake isn't expensive at all. must try must try : ))

  10. Thank you for highlighting this place. I'm hyperventilating as I gone thru' the 'collections' on their site.
    And the price is pretty affordable! I'm craving for some decent macaroons as of now. And all the chocolate galore.


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