Monday, February 18, 2008

The Simple Life - Hawker Restaurant?

Kueh Pie Tee, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

The Simple Life is where you'd head if you're yearning for hawker fare in a comfy, air-conditioned environment with table service. Or stuck at Wheelock Place and don't want to fight the crowds elsewhere for food. Most people would agree the food here isn't fantastic but isn't disastrous either. The kueh pie tee (S$5.90) is not too shabby (juicy and sweet with good chili). Pity the garnishing had started wilting (it was around teatime that we ate).

Dark Hokkien Mee, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Ah they have the Malaysian-style dark Hokkien mee (S$10.90) here. I could not resist for nostalgia's sake. Sadly, it comes nowhere near the real deal. Perhaps the other dishes like nasi lemak and rendang are better. All mains come with a drink, so that makes it a wee bit more worthwhile.

THE SIMPLE LIFE (no, stop thinking about Paris and Nicole!)
#02-18 Wheelock Place,
502 Orchard Road. Tel: 6738-3212



  1. I have not tried Malaysian hokkien mee before. time I know where to find that in Singapore. Hope they stay open till my next trip back to SG.

  2. yup... totaly agree that its nowhere near the malaysian version. there's this place in seremban called 'ah-ngau' (ah-cow) that sells just noodles, and the 'black-mee' there is really good. not too wet, fried with lard, and goes really well with their homemade chilli. sorry cant offer an address though, i have no idea where it is exactly. :)

  3. fully concur with u abt the quality there... for $3.50, i get an almost similar portion n betta tasting Orr Mee fr HK street @ Bedok South... *hee* we normally call to tabao :P


  4. last time i didn't notice simple life, until one time i saw it inside fish & co. Lol!

    but its like high class hawker centre food? hahaha

  5. Tigerfish - no, no, don't eat the dark hokkien mee here, it's not a good representation. It's available at various tze-char outlets too, like Old Mother Hen and Big Eater Seafood. I haven't tried those yet though.

    Stoplookingatfood - haha, yes, Malaysia is full of secret good eats!

    Anon/ESBM - thanks for the tip! Bedok South eh...will look for it if I happen to go there.

    Ladyironchef - yeah, they are tucked inside Fish & Co. Apparently same ownership, hence the odd arrangement.

  6. I agree with you saying that no where else to go and stuck in Wheelock Place.

    This place seems to be the only place where you can get a seat immediately while the shops all around have 30 mins or more waiting time :-)

    The food's decent, just a bit high class prices. LOL


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