Sunday, February 24, 2008

K-10 Kway Chap

Just back from visiting the folks in Malaysia. I finally got to eat what I long regarded as "best kway chap ever" in Batu Pahat. My dad and I loooove kway chap! They also serve braised duck, which you can have with rice or noodles.

Another platter of kway chap, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Piggy parts and innards are braised for a long time until the flavour completely permeates the meat. Hearty, robust and full-flavoured, it tastes slightly different from what you often get in Singapore. I think they use more dark sauce in braising too.

There is a limited number of side dishes (even chicken curry, I think) but most of these are a bit cold and greasy.

I did not know they had braised pork trotters in vinegar until today. A little too sweet and rich for my liking.

This stall is apparently run by a Christian couple and they rest on Sundays. They only open for breakfast and lunch. Probably the rest of the day is spent cleaning and preparing the piggy entrails (it is a lot of work!).

10 Jalan Setiajaya (parallel to Jalan Bakau Chondong)
Taman Setiajaya (near Carrefour)
Batu Pahat, Johor

p.s. It's nomination day today in Malaysia (elections are coming!) and there are cars fitted with political party flags and banners (the way wedding cars are decorated) zipping around town! So funny when you see one chasing another.



  1. how does it compare to the kway chap opposite Carnival Hotel? Didn't know that there's another kway chap in town.

    I walloped 2 persons worth of kway chap in one sitting during CNY... hahaa...

  2. You know, I have never eaten at the one opposite Carnival Hotel. My dad refuses to go there, he says not as nice, too gamey and smelly. *shrug*

    Haha, we also walloped a lot - all the dishes you see here mainly eaten by me and my dad. My hubby had to sit this one out, he won't touch innards! That's why we went to KFC for him later on.


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