Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Google Ads - Bad Breath in a Food Blog?

I've been looking curiously at the Google ads on my blog. Since they're based on keywords found here, they should turn up some related and interesting links. Yes, there have been the usual food/drink/restaurant related links. Yes, the "Lose Your Belly Fat!" ads too. Occasionally some odd ones like Suzumo sushi robots (whoa), Nepalese Tibetan Buddhism schools and a fish spa (oh look, their website features a video showing Xiaxue and her mom trying out the fish-nibbling exfoliation)!

But this one - bad breath in Singapore? Huh? Which one of my posts and text generated this?? Oh and yesterday I saw an ad for sweaty palms treatment. LOL

I hope you find some fun ones to click on too. That will also contribute a few cents towards my baby girl Nadine's milk powder fund!



  1. hahaha. cool man.

    i cant put up ads, wordpress doesn't allow any ads at all. how bad is that : ((

  2. hmmm it knows the food has lots of garlic? LOL.

  3. Ladyironchef: ah pity! The ads are fun!

    Keropokman: LOL!

  4. hahaha. fun is one thing, the potential ad revenue that i can get is the main problem. lol


  5. Ladyironchef, umm, Brad?!? Oh my, I'd always thought you were a...lady! LOL

  6. LOL! how long have we been communicating already? hahaha.

    but understandable la, u are not the first one. many many people though so, because of the word lady. hahhaha

  7. Lady/Brad, I'll have to change my mental voice of you when reading comments from you! Lower it a few octaves, perhaps!

    And now I can't get Little Britain's Emily Howard's voice out of my mind "I'm a LADY!"

    Love that show! LOL


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