Friday, July 6, 2007

A Really Good Japanese Place

Oh what a quandry! We found this lovely Japanese eatery and this is the type of place you want to tell everyone about and yet also want to keep it all to yourself, lest it gets too crowded. But what a waste not to share the pics of the very yummy food! How do I do it? Ahhh, finally it hit me - I just won't name the place! But really, this place needs no further publicity (and we really are late-comers to the game in discovering it). It's packed most days and if you don't already have a reservation, especially on weekends, it may be hard to get a seat.

We had a small selection of grilled items. All of them were excellent. In particular the bacon-wrapped shimeji mushrooms - we tried to order another serving but they ran out (must be popular)! This is the first time I tried kawa (chicken skin) - they are surprisingly not greasy and tasted like very delicate morsels of tender chicken with charred bits. Incredible.

Tempura moriawase, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

I had an order of tempura moriawase. I wasn't expecting much for the price but wow, this little ensemble came with at least five prawns, two mushrooms, a giant asparagus spear cut into three and lotus root. All very well-done - the batter was light and crisp, with no greasy after-feel.

Interestingly, they trim the ends of the shrimp tails. Fried very crisp, I could eat the shells too (extra calcium is always good for you!). We ended the meal with a dish of cold soba - it had a nice dipping sauce but this was probably the only so-so dish.

Man, I wish we had came here earlier. This is easily hubby's favourite Japanese joint now, and mine too! Well, I'm certainly coming back to try the rest of the items in the menu!

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand (see the 19 comments), this place has been revealed in a later post - it's Wahiro at Katong Mall.



  1. I think I know what's this place. The giveaway was the teppenyaki plate =)

  2. Hahaha, shhhh...don't tell. :P But hey, for all you know, these joints buy crockery from the same place at Kappabashi-dori!

  3. Think I stumbled on your blog just recently through an acquaintance's blog. Great stuff! Still trying to figure out where this joint is? Am currently on a bout of Japanese makan craze so always hunting for more beyond Waraku!

  4. The picture you attached on first and 2nd is "Yakitori" in Japanese :D
    A lot of Japanese worker goes to yakitori vender or eathouse with their coworker. My favorite is "Kawa" :D

  5. Taro-san, yes, you are right! I can't wait to try some in Japan!

    Sonicstarburst, there are quite a few places better than Waraku! :D Hey, we like the same kind of music (saw your profile). Btw, are you acquainted with budak?

  6. oh my looks so gd..where where..pls tell me :( or at least give some hints :)

  7. for the reason that we're the same hometowners.... please reveal where is ths place!! :D

  8. Please....for the love of GOD...where is this? Nanbantei?

  9. Hehehe. OK, OK. I might reveal the name of this place this weekend, after a second tasting/review.

    Kennypocky, no, it's not Nanbantei. Hmm, actually, come to think of it, this place's even better than Nanbantei in Tokyo, (sorry I haven't tried the Singapore one - heard the chefs are doing merry-go-rounds).

  10. wah...don't like that lah. you don't have a monopoly on information you know :)

    wanna treat my wifey eat this few days. email me if you dun mind?


    Pretty please??? hahaha... u had mi drooling over the photos.. yet u deny us the name of the restaurant.. T.T

  12. is it the one at cuppage?
    the plates look so familiar

  13. No, anonymous, it's not at Cuppage. I'm not surprised the plates look similar. They are not proprietary anyway.

    Kennypocky, I already say will reveal this weekend, you still kao peh (complain) so much?? :)

    sn3nk, good things come to those who wait.

    I'll give everyone a clue - this place's not even in town. :D

  14. c'mon. share the place. i am a yakitori addict

  15. Well, offspring, if you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine. ;-)

  16. Hi,

    Just happened to come to your blog somehow while surfing...

    Pls tell us where this place is... :)

    I'm crazy about Japan and all things Japan except all the raw stuffs!

    Is this at Far East Plaza?

  17. Hi liveyrdream! Thanks for visiting! I see you commenting quite often at ieat's blog.

    As for this Japanese joint, I am intending to reveal it after my dinner there tonight. I hope I can go, cos I'm nursing a cold - it really sucks when you can't smell your food (70% of taste gone!). Been waiting for this all week. Would suck if I can't go if the cold gets worse.

    And no, it's not at Far East Plaza. Not even in town, as I mentioned earlier.

  18. omg pls reveal..dun tell me its around orchard one hor hehe..small shop only rite?

  19. Hi Anonymous, I've revealed the place already in a later post. No, sorry, it's not around Orchard - in fact, the comments reveal it's not even in town. I guess I should update this post to link to there as well.


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