Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lau Pa Sat Pig's Organ Soup: Kway Chap

Kway Chap for one person, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

This is a fairly decent stall selling kway chap and various other pig parts and innards. Tastewise, it's not too bad, and certainly a more generous portion than the 'famous' stall at Bedok Interchange. You get pork belly, intestines, tofu, pig skin, tau pok (dried beancurd skin?), plus a whole egg. The kway (thin rice noodle sheets) come in a nice broth, and the chili goes well with all.

Lau Pa Sat Pig's Organ Soup, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

To my surprise it was featured on a TV program on "lost and found" food - apparently this is the original stall from Lau Pa Sat (the Old Market downtown). But I could have sworn I had seen several other stalls islandwide claiming to be Lau Pa Sat Pig's Organ Soup as well. I had earlier thought it was a franchise. Anyone knows?

Stall #01-170 Marine Parade Central Food Centre
(next to Parkway Parade)



  1. Do you eat skin of pork there? I ate grilled pork skin for the first time in the Philipiines, coz Japanese never eats it, I like it. It is Kushi-yaki whole pork ... lol

  2. Taro-san, yes, we do. Pork skin can be fried til crisp, stewed or eaten as part of the pork dish (great on pork trotters)! I guess you ate chicharon in the Philippines?

  3. Looks good! I simply love pork stomach! Yumz!

  4. Yup I love chicharon! Do you know that? There 4 or 5 variety of chicharon are sold in vender, my favorite is Chicharon with Laman(I don't understand what "laman" means). I drunk San miquel beer and chicharon alomost every night in the Philippines :D

  5. Precious pea, thanks for visiting!

    Taro, wow, so many types? I surfed around and found that laman may mean "meat" or "fat". I wonder if the very few Filipino eateries here serve this.

  6. Oh man...I am feeling so hungry. The pix are torturingmy forever hungry stomach. I am going to have to fire out a way to make this dish. it's TeoChew dish right? I sure miss my home town Muar!!!

    The pix are great!



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