Thursday, July 19, 2007

Golden Nur at Golden Shoe: Nasi Briyani

Today I came back to my old stomping ground at Raffles Place to meet up with former colleagues. Wow, I've been away from work just little over a year and so much has changed! New buildings, food court facelifts and new shops taking over stale old ones (yay, at least two Delifrance outlets have died!).

Anyway, back to food...I remembered some good briyani at Market Street Food Centre (also known as Golden Shoe carpark food centre). I hoped it was still the same. I wanted to see how it would compare to Hamid's at Geylang Serai. Despite being early (before noon), I still had to queue and wait a while - people were packing takeaways by the half dozen - must still be good.

Most people go for the chicken briyani (a whole drumstick and thigh slapped onto beautiful yellow rice). But I always prefer mutton when it comes to briyani. They also have a nice crispy fried chicken. Oh which one to have? I chose both. Mutton briyani (S$3.50) with a piece of crispy chicken (S$2.50 - ouch, pricey!).

OK, they got the texture right. The rice was fluffy yet firm without being too greasy (I caught Hamid's at a bad day when his rice was soggy). But I have to say the mutton (more like rendang than curry) was not as fall-away tender as Hamid's (which I actually found just a wee bit too soft and mushy that day). And tastewise, although Nur's is stronger and spicier, Hamid's is more fragrant and savoury. Ah, middle ground between both would be just perfect! Hmm, I think I'm expecting too much. Anyway, I do want to go back to Hamid's another day to see if the rice can be better.

Bonus dish! This is what my friend had from the stall which is a branch of the famous Tiong Bahru roasted meat specialist - roast duck and roast pork on rice. Looks good with all that gravy. She said the duck was so-so but the pork lovely, warm and crispy! The skin was delicious. This stall is at the other end of the food centre from Golden Nur's.

#02-02 Market Street Food Centre
50 Market Street

P.S. omigod, the briyani refuses to digest! it's been six hours and it's still sitting in me!



  1. wah power........ making me hungry siah ---- Love this blog!

  2. Hey gfoo! welcome! now only you visit ah? :) anyway, got any good food recommendations, lemme know ok?

  3. oh my god!! nasi briyani...l really enjoy your makes me remember the taste of the food...

  4. Thanks very much, bone_collector! Glad you like 'em!

  5. Hi there,

    the Nasi Briyani looks good!

    i was having lunch at tekka hawker centre this afternoon and ponder across this "Nasi Briyani" store that had a reasonable queue..hence decided to try it out..and wasn't disappointed as well..

    the rice was of reasonable portion, not too much..not too little... and have a nice non-overpowering flavour to it..most importantly it doesn't come in huge chunk of rice.. :)

    the chicken is not the typical HUGE PIECE of chicken that others serve..i somehow feel that a bigpiece of chicken makes it taste weird..instead, its a nice midsize chicken..thats tender and flavoursome..if you happen to pass by, perhaps can check it out :)


  6. Thanks cm,

    Yes, I've heard of the Tekka briyani. Is it Yakader? There must be quite a few nasi briyani stalls there!


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