Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How bad can pasta get?

Prawn linguini in tomato sauce, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

Is it time for a bad food post yet? Yeah, I think so - life is not always a bed of roses. OK, this corner cafe at Bugis Junction had always looked packed and has survived so many years...I thought hmm, so many people cannot be wrong for so long?

I should have known better. My Indonesian maid can whip up pasta much better than this. Correction, my dead daschund can whip up pasta much better than this, blindfolded at that.

Spicy Aglio Olio, originally uploaded by Camemberu.

You can see how exciting this dish is. Aglio olio is one of the simplest dishes to make but I never knew how wrong it could go until I tried this.

The problems with both dishes were - Firstly, texture. I know not many local joints know how to make real "al dente" pasta but this level of soft and soggy is just ridiculous. If I wanted mee sua, I would have gone elsewhere.

Secondly, taste - nonewhatsoever! Really. It all tasted like boiled nothingness.

All right. Maybe pasta is not their strong suit. Some kid's fish and chips looked quite OK. But, then again, so did my prawn linguini at first. And as you many other places, so little time.



  1. which corner cafe isit? what's the name? or any more specific location? gotta take note..

  2. Oh, I left out the name...cos it still strikes terror in my heart! Some of you might be familiar with it. It's Terra Cafe. *Explosive hurling*

  3. It's really been there for a very long time. Haven't tried their food before. But never ever thought about stepping in as it's always too crowded.


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