Sunday, September 20, 2020

Xin Bakery: Cakes and Tarts Homebaked with Love, for Delivery (Promo Code Inside)

Xin Bakery is a home baker who's immensely passionate about creating cakes and pastries that make people happy. She has cheesecakes, chocolate tarts, chocolate cakes and even macarons. Her creations are pretty impressive for a home baker, but most of all, you can taste the joy and love she puts into her efforts. 

Delivery islandwide is S$10 flat. She will focus on just a few cakes each time, and orders fill up pretty quickly.

  Chocolate Tart with Berries
Her Chocolate Berry Tart (S$65) has a thick layer of chocolate sandwiched between the cake and crust. It is topped with fresh cream and luscious fruits. Half tart, half cake? The chocolate layer is a little hard to cut through though, so maybe it can be made softer or creamier. 

Xin Bakery
Chocolate Cream Cheese Fruit Tartlet (12 pieces for S$55) 
Look at how pretty these 3.5" fruit tartlets are! Caution: they are extremely filling, as each one is filled to the brim with rich cream cheese. There's a thin layer of chocolate at the base which is probably why it's called chocolate cream cheese. Half my family preferred it without the chocolate layer, the other half loved the chocolate touch. 

Xin is planning probably smaller sizes in future, like the bitesize ones you see in buffets. That would be easier to eat. 

Xin Bakery
Italian Meringue Macarons (set of 25 pieces for S$55)
Her macarons are homey but well-made. They have a light crispy crust, chewy insides and most importantly, are not crazily sweet like most macarons are. The slightly irregular shapes and sizes make it more interesting for me. 

I think Xin would do great branching out to doing different flavours. These are chocolate filling macarons for now. 

Raspberry NY Cheesecake
Raspberry New York Cheesecake (S$75)
Finally, our absolute favourite. The resplendent raspberry cheesecake. It's so dense and decadent. So much cream cheese has gone into this. That sensation when you take a bite and let it just sink and melt on the tongue...heaven. The flavours are superbly well-balanced - sweet and tangy with a hint of salty. Even the crust goes so well with the filling. We tried to save this over several days to enjoy slowly. 

Promo Code

Xin is offering 15% off for the Raspberry Cheesecake for readers. Just use the promo code "camemberu15" but hurry, it's only for the first 10 orders. 

Many thanks to Xin Bakery for the cakes for review


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