Sunday, September 13, 2020

CakeDelivery.SG - Express and Nearly 24-Hour Cake Delivery in Singapore

Have you ever needed a cake for an occasion urgently but didn't have time to pick it up? You'll be glad Cake Delivery Singapore offers one-hour express delivery and is available almost 24 hours! 

Delivery modes and timing:
  • 9am to 10pm standard delivery (pick a time slot) S$8
  • 10pm to 6am after hours delivery (one hour) S$25 
  • Express delivery (one-hour) S$18
  • Free delivery for orders over S$80. 
Yes, isn't it crazy? You can have cake as early as 9am, or even in the wee hours like 3am or 6am. I tested a midnight delivery, and they actually delivered at 11:15pm! Kudos to them. But note that the cakes do arrive frozen, so you may need to factor in some time to thaw them, if you want them immediately for a special event.

Here's a look at the two cakes we got.
Oh we really liked this massive 9.5″ Ondeh Ondeh Cake (1kg/12 Slices, S$64.90), by the way. Big, fluffy and fragrant pandan sponge with gula melaka layers and coconut flesh shavings. Ignore the description on the page about it being four layers - I think they went back to three.  

CakeDelivery.SG for 24-hour cakes on demand. 
We tested how well it would keep in the freezer, and it did quite well for two weeks. We couldn't resist any much longer to finish the rest of the cake.  


The other cake we had was the 9.5″ Premium Dark Chocolate Ganache Cake (1.7kg/12 Slices, S$64.90)

CakeDelivery.SG for 24-hour cakes on demand. 

The cake is huge! Like a giant chocolate moon. Granted, it doesn't quite look like what's on the website, but it is incredibly rich and delicious. 

  CakeDelivery.SG for 24-hour cakes on demand.
Dark chocolate fans will be delighted. Both cakes are considerably sweet (I bake mine with 50% reduced sugar) but so large that will certainly feed 12 to 16 people quite happily.

They are adding more flavours of cakes and complementary products like party balloons, flowers and soft toys. The only other downside is that the cakes get sold out quite quickly. I think they only keep a limited supply to ensure freshness. 

This is a group of bakers who have pooled their cakes for delivery on this platform set up by the folks behind 8crabs and 8durian. You can follow Cake Delivery Singapore on Facebook and Instagram here too. 

Many thanks to Cake Delivery Singapore for the cakes!

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