Monday, August 22, 2011

Staying Healthy Is Easier Together

Marina Barrage

Staying healthy is easier when we do it together. Eating and exercising right is more enjoyable when you are with family, friends, and people who care about each other.

When you falter, someone will pick you up
It's not just more fun and meaningful. It's also a way to keep yourself going. When you falter, someone will be around to pick you up.

Tree-tops walk
It's a wonderful opportunity to combine family time with activity that keeps both mind and body alert. Try the Southern Ridges where you can observe nature as you walk along 9km of forest trails and bridges.

You can even encourage others to stay active within your community
You can even go one step further and get involved with the community you live in. Organise a day out for the less fortunate, and see how being active can brighten up their day.

Lo hei with a difference
And when it comes to family bonding, nothing beats a good meal together. The family that eats together, stays together. Hopefully you're eating salads as shown here, and not fried chicken.

If only these two sat down more often to dinner, they wouldn't be at each other's throats!
Honestly, if these two 'brothers' Lee and Kenji had sat down for dinners together more often, they wouldn't be at each other's throats so much, don't you think?

Family bonding is a form of nourishment too. The young need it, the elderly need it. It's free to give, and free to receive.

MIL with Nadine in 2008
My mom-in-law frequently said her grandkids are her daily vitamins. She used to thrive on social gatherings and get-togethers. Despite heart problems and a quadruple bypass almost 26 years ago, she managed to keep quite lively until her last couple of years.

Cardiovascular disease is still deadly, and we tried our best to give her a heart-healthy diet. There are supplements that can help. Plant sterols, for example, can help lower cholesterol by blocking it from being absorbed by the body.

On 27-28 August, Nestlé is organising Health and You 2011, one of the largest health and wellness events in Singapore. Bring your family and friends to Suntec City (Halls 402-404) and explore the 12 fun zones on showcase. There will be
  • Free health talks, health checks and instant photography
  • Free sampling of a wide range of Nestlé food & beverages including innovative new products
  • Hip-hop dance, art expressions, and sports activities
  • Deals and promotions including a Sure Win Spin-The-Wheel chance with every $25 spent

Nestlé will also provide a fun quest card (available through Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao on 25 and 26 Aug), and onsite during the event. The first 100 to collect six stamps will receive a S$20 goodie bag, and all submissions will be entered into a lucky draw. Top prizes include the Dolce Gusto Piccolo and Circcolo coffee machines! That's the Piccolo on the left (below) and Circcolo on the right. I want! There will also be S$50 hampers to be won.

It's a good chance to pick up some good deals on goods we may consume regularly anyway. For example,
- buy two packs of Cheerios and get a box of Honey Stars free
- buy S$10 worth of Maggi products, and get the Jumbo chili crab pre-mix paste free (I believe that retails at S$8!)
- buy two Kit Kat sharebags and redeem a free Kit Kat bag worth S$8
- buy one box of Uncle Tobys and get 2 Milo bars free
- buy two clusterpacks (each with six packs) of Milo UHT and get a lunchbox and two Milo UHT free

The health talks might be useful too. They will touch on topics like salt intake, cholesterol management, heart health, whole grains and food safety.

For the kids, there'll be free Wii games, iPhone app demos, face-painting, balloon-sculpting, story-telling, colouring activities, baby gym sessions and baby photography.

Here's what last year's event looked like. Guess who was there?

Mr Yam Ah Mee! Yes, the CEO of People's Association and Returning Officer for General Elections 2011, was a guest last year. He appears in the video at 0:38 to 0:48, telling you in his signature tone just how exciting the event is! Actually I think he sounds more enthusiastic here. A little bit, no?

Anyway, I will definitely check it out this year and hopefully can show you on Aug 26 a quick preview of what's on. I think it'll be fun for everyone in the family.


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