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Nestle "Health and You 2011" Event at Suntec

Nestlé's "Health and You" is back for 2011 at Suntec Singapore Convention Halls 402-404. The third installment of Singapore's largest health and wellness event happens this weekend 27-28 August (10am to 8pm). Here's a sneak peek at some of the highlights from the 12 different zones for you to explore. I bumped into Miss TamChiak there, so check out her post too!

Upfront after the Nescafe area, you'll see the familiar Milo van parked next to the Milo activity centre.

There are instant photography booths to capture and print keepsakes of your fun at the various stations.

There will be line-dancing and tai-chi performances at the Nesvita Omega Plus zone.

This adult milk powder looks quite interesting. I shall certainly be testing it at home, and if it's nice, I'll take this instead of fresh milk, which runs out all too quickly at home.

The Nesvita Omega Plus milk powder can be used creatively in smoothies, pancakes and puddings. Recipes (complete with nutritional info) are given out at the booth. Here's how you can easily make this.

Mango Smoothie (for two)

31g Nestle Nesvita Omega Plus milk powder
225ml water
150ml low-fat plain yoghurt
150g mango, cut into cubes
1tbsp honey
ice cubes (optional)

1. Mix the milk powder with the water.
2. In a blender, combine the milk, yoghurt, mango and honey until well-mixed.
3. Add ice cubes as desired.

In 10 minutes, you'll have a summery, refreshing and nourishing drink!

You can also get free health checks here at the Nesvita section. Don't be shy, it's important to know how your health really is, so you can take relevant action.

Just next to this, you'll find something for the little ones.

Gosh, I remember trying out packs and packs of Cerelac to supplement Nadine's diet when she was a baby. She's really fussy with food, so we were glad she liked the Wheat and Ikan Bilis.

And those Gerber Graduates star-shaped Puffs in the tall canisters? Bought them for the kids, but we ended up enjoying the snacks ourselves! Yes, we stole from babies.

Nestle has lots of online resources at to help with menu planning, food requirements and what's suitable at each age group.

At the booth, you can learn about essential daily nutrition for children. Feel free to ask advice from the consultants available.

Bring your kids along and let them explore the toddler's gym there!

Oh I loved these Sjora drinks that blend a bit of milk with juice! Two flavours are available - Tropical Pineapple and Mango Peach (super yum!). What a pity we cannot get them on retail shelves, only via their trade partners like restaurants.

Hey there's the Yang Sheng Le concentrated herbal soup. All natural, no artificial colouring, preservatives, flavouring or MSG! It's a partnership with Eu Yan Sang.

There's food samples galore. Here's the Maggi section ladling out chili crab gravy with mantou.

There will also be food demos on Stir Fried Fish with Wai San and Celery, Nourishing Chicken and Black Bean Soup by Nestlé Culinary Expert, Pancy. Jumbo Seafood Restaurant's Executive Chef Ng Chong Guan will also show you how to cook chili crab the Jumbo way.

Maggi low-fat air-dried noodles
Did you know Maggi has low-fat noodles? There are about four flavours with low-fat versions - Curry, Tom Yum, Chicken (currently out of stock), and one more (sorry I forgot). These noodles are air-dried, not fried.

Here's a section plugging awareness of the sodium content in some of Singapore's favourite dishes.

Let's see how much sodium a bowl of seemingly healthy soupy fishball noodles have...

Good grief! It's over 2,000mg which is the daily limit.

Interestingly, Maggi noodles have less than half of the sodium found in fishball noodles.

Hey, even a plate of nasi briyani has less sodium than fishball noodles! See? Briyani is better for you! Hahaha, just kidding. Of course, you'd have to drink all the soup in the fishball noodles to get that kind of sodium. So now you know. Leave the salty soup behind!

Nestle launched the Dolce Gusto Piccolo and the Circcolo
Nestle also launched the Dolce Gusto Piccolo and the Circcolo coffee machines (Krups-based). Pop in capsules and your drink is ready piping hot in seconds. We even saw how it froths the milk (a separate capsule). Currently there are four flavours of hot beverages. Cold ones will come later.

The machines are available at special pricing during the event, and come with boxes of capsules.

There's really something for everyone in the family, and that includes the pet dog or cat!

Right at the end is a retail space that offers Nestle products at discounted prices or with promotions.
For example,
- buy two packs of Cheerios and get a box of Honey Stars free
- buy two Kit Kat sharebags and redeem a free Kit Kat bag worth S$8
- buy one box of Uncle Tobys and get 2 Milo bars free
- buy two clusterpacks (each with six packs) of Milo UHT and get a lunchbox and two Milo UHT free
- buy S$10 worth of Maggi products, and get the Jumbo chili crab pre-mix paste free

Every S$25 spent will entitle you to a chance at the "Spin-the-Wheel" to get sure-win prizes.

There are health talks also on salt intake, cholesterol management, heart health, whole grains and food safety.

For the kids, there'll be free Wii games, iPhone app demos, face-painting, balloon-sculpting, story-telling, colouring activities, baby gym sessions and baby photography.

Youngsters will enjoy the hip-hop dance routines onstage near the Nescafe area upfront.

The event is only on for two days. Happy voting for your President tomorrow, and come on down to Suntec for some health-oriented fun afterwards!


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