Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pad Thai a la Chez Pim

Homecooked Pad Thai

Tonight's dinner is a simple Pad Thai. I followed Chez Pim's guidelines - she's gone into great loving detail about how to properly prepare this dish.

I do hope Bangkok will be able to find peace soon. Looks like some order has been restored after the burning madness, but the the bloodshed will not easily be forgotten.


  1. Ooh, that looks Thai-rribly good! ;)

  2. Beautiful colours and must be so delicious! I do hope Bangkok settles down too. let's hope!

  3. Very impressive presentation and convincingly authentic! I've been searching for a Pad Thai recipe and I'm very happy you posted the link. Thank you so much for sharing.

    The world's best tasting and most satisfying dishes are generally made from simple ingredients, with very uncomplicated steps and easy to prepare in the home kitchen (or at a street stall in the middle of the bustling cosmopolitan metropolis like Bangkok in its better and more peaceful days).

  4. LFB: haha, you always have a good pun handy! :)

    Diva: thanks! Yes, hope smiles will return to Thailand soon!

    Ju: thanks! :)

    Anonymous: well said! simple ingredients but so so good!

  5. Your spring onions look dried up. Did you add them a little early?

  6. Those are not spring onions. They are "koo chye" - or Flat-leaf Garlic Chives, also called Chinese Chives, as Pim calls them

  7. These look too mouth watering... dangerous to look at especially when I am still waiting for my dinner!

  8. thanks a lot for your valuable sharing,right from the beginning till end it was really very informative.I can witness the experience and steps you have taken to accomplish this wonderful work.

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