Friday, May 7, 2010

Magnum Gold?! and Iron Man 2 Review

Benicio Del Toro and Caroline de Souza Correa with Magnum Gold
By now you would have seen the print, outdoor and TV ads for the new "Magnum Gold?!" (and yes, the "?!" is part of the product name). They feature Benicio Del Toro and Caroline de Souza Correa paired together with an uncanny resemblence to Brangelina.

The Hollywood trailer style TVC is directed by none other than Bryan Singer. Benicio and Caroline play a married couple who attempt a heist of 75 million pieces of gold.

Magnum Gold
But what is this new "Magnum Gold?!"? (sorry, is that one too many question marks?)

Caroline de Souza Correa ice cream bite
It's smooth Madagascan vanilla ice cream swirled with sea-salt caramel, and it sports a gold dipped milk chocolate coat. Salted caramel! You just have to mention that and I'm instantly sold.

Magnum showed off this new flavour to selected media at a private screening of Iron Man 2 (which was absolutely awesome!!). The signature thick creaminess of the ice cream was a familiar pleasure, but the caramel swirls were rather subtle and delicate. I would have liked more, but I'm just too much of a salted caramel fanatic.

The golden bar does look decadent. Even in the dim theatre, I could make out the golden gleam. Sorry I wasn't able to take a shot of it. For sample photos of the actual product, check out Sparklette's blog

Singapore is the only Asian country out of the 29 to get this ice cream on its launch today. The Impulse Singles retail at S$3.90, and the Multi-pack of three are S$10.90 islandwide. Quite a steal.

And if you'd like more of a steal, literally, you can join the Heist event at Orchard Road on 15-16 May. Using a secret code online from, enter a Heist container and count all the gold bars inside, and you can win a trip to Maldives, Koh Samui or Resort World Sentosa.

Meanwhile, if you haven't caught Iron Man 2, you should! It's not easy making a sequel to match the expectations racked up by such a successful first movie. But I thought this one rocked (along with the ACDC soundtrack). It does pretty well as a standalone movie by itself too. Good job, Favreau!

Robert Downey Jr shines again inimitably as genius industrialist and playboy Tony Stark. His narcissism is bigger and badder than ever, cutting down slimy senators and sleazy competitors, all of whom want his technology. He is more fun outside his iron suit (when inside, he's just a Robocop). It is penultimate cool when he hand-builds his own particle accelerator. Finally, I can divorce Downey's longstanding image in my mind as Chaplin and the forgettable irritant in Ally McBeal.

But Mickey Rourke is the one who (for me) steals the show as Whiplash/Ivan Vanko, the Russian nemesis with the sly, metal-toothed smirk (Mickey's clearly having fun with the Russian accent). He's big, brooding, and brilliantly talented. When he cracks those menacing electrified whips, you feel genuine fear. What a comeback! Mickey Rourke is almost sexy again! Didn't like the way they finished him off - no, he deserves a tougher ending, or to be recruited to the good side at least. Way better sidekick than Don Cheadle.

And Scarlett Johansson as triple agent Natalie ("from legal") brings not only eye candy but a spritz of humour to her stunts. Gwyneth is sweet but just a bit too hysterical. Samuel L.Jackson never fails to delight. Oh there are a lot of people and subplots, which can be confusing, but it worked for me.

For sure Iron Man 2 has got imperfections, but it's still rollicking good fun. Oh yes, don't forget the little teaser at the end of the credits.

I'll leave you with RDJ's chat with David Letterman...

All photos courtesy of Magnum/Unilever.


  1. That's one gold bar I wouldn't mind licking... ;)

  2. I remember first tasting Chef Pang's Fleur de Sel Macarons and was instantly sold. I normally turn down the Magnums served on SQ - but if they were to start serving this now, I wouldn't miss it.

  3. I've not tried it, but I think the "?!" really spoils the name. I think it should just be Magnum Gold. It shouldn't make excuses for its name or give the impression that it isn't sure of its own name. That's my opinion anyway.

    But I'm watching Iron Man 2 tonight and will buy a Magnum Gold (?!) to savour if I can find one before going in :)

  4. LFB: hahaha! it's cold, cold gold!

    Shirley: wow you turn down Magnums? My family can't get enough of them! Good thing they're pricey, or else we'd be too fat!

    Esther: Yes, I was also quite surprised a premium brand like Magnum started using funny punctuation marks. Maybe it's trying to reach out to younger generations. Well, I sure hope you enjoy the movie and the ice cream! They're both good!

  5. the interrobang (?!) expresses excitement or disbelief in the form of a question. This is the first gold ice-cream ever in the whole world, so it's hard to believe at first and it's exciting as well

  6. Hi Camemberu,

    Thank you for posting Magnum Gold?!. For your information, on the 12th May 2010, Magnum will kick off its Magnum gold?! competition, participation for all. All you need to do is find the heist, unlock the Magnum container and win a trip to Maldives! The competition will be at Orchard Road, Singapore. For more information, please visit

    Thank you.

    _Magnum Team_


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