Saturday, May 8, 2010

Gryphon Tea "Heritage Art Series" Contest Giveaway

Gryphon Tea kicked off the Heritage Art Series with three tea blends
Gryphon Tea has launched its Heritage Art Series, a special initiative to help promote awareness of Singapore's history and give exposure to local young artists. It's supported by the National Heritage Board (NHB).

Lots of companies give support to the arts and culture, but I got the feel that Gryphon Tea's founder and director Mr Lim Tian Wee is truly passionate about the arts (well, his own father was an artist). At the launch event last month, he spoke with great enthusiasm about this labour of love that he championed.

The three artists showcasing their work
What Gryphon Tea did was identify three budding artists (yes, all three just happen to be female) and commission them to freely create their interpretation of how Singapore's heritage inspires them. The NHB gave the artists full access to its museums.

The designs were then parlayed into special edition boxes for three tea blends. These are quite pretty. Take a look.

Gryphon Tea's Straits Chai box featuring artwork from Lee Wai Leng aka Fleecircus
Artist Lee Wai Leng (also known as FleeCircus) created this whimsical piece "Beneath the Cardamom Shade" depicting the carefree innocence of a child in a garden. She drew inspiration from the Singapore Art Museum and its large collection of Asian contemporary art. Her artwork adorns the Straits Chai tea box.

Annette Heitmann's futuristic print on Gryphon Tea's Earl Grey box
Gryphon's Earl Grey tea has gone futuristic with Annette Heitmann's silver and lilac paper-cut multi-layer artwork called "Earl Grey 2053". Annette used the letters in the name "Earl Grey" to create a face representing Earl Charles Grey (to whom the tea owes its name). She also included aspects of symmetry and modern design found at the National Museum of Singapore.

Wyn-Lyn Tan's design is on the box for Gryphon Tea's Pearl of the Orient
The Peranakan museum inspired Wyn-Lyn Tan with its intricately designed Baba and Nyonya crockery. She incorporated the green, pink, yellow and brown she saw to represent the green tea, rose and jasmine elements within her favourite tea, The Pearl of the Orient. Her piece entitled "Blush of a Golden Hue" combines graphite pencil lines with freeform Chinese ink brushstrokes. 

All three boxes of tea are packed together in one set, along with a card that gives a pair of admission tickets to any one of the three museums that the artists drew inspiration from. The set retails at S$60 (before GST), and there are only 2,000 sets distributed in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

For a list of retail locations, call Gryphon Tea at +65 6779-2948.

The good news is - I have five of these Heritage Art Series sets to give away! Just name any one of the artists and the tea blend they chose. First five to answer correctly will win. Please check back here for results, and be on standby to give me your real name and email address so I can arrange for you to collect your limited edition set.

I'd buy those air pot dispensers with those designs!
I like the artwork they created for Gryphon. Quite frankly, I would happily get me one of these hot water air pots with the designs if they sold them!


  1. Lee Wai Leng chose "Straits Chai".

    And yes the hot water air pots are gorgeous!

  2. Wow, ee, you are fast! OK, winner no.1 - email me (camemberu at your name and I'll let you know collection arrangements. Thanks!

  3. Hello,

    Annette Heitmann - Gryphon's Earl Grey tea


  4. OMG, the first one "Beneath the Cardamom Shade" has my name on it! Love it!
    Artist: Lee Wai Leng
    Tea blend: Straits Chai

  5. I shall name the last artist then. Tan Wyn-Lyn and the tea is The Pearl of the Orient.

  6. Wye-Lyn Tan - The Pearl of the Orient

  7. Annette Heitmann with the Earl Grey!

  8. Not sure why my earlier post did not go through. The last artist is Tan Wyn-Lyn and her favourite tea is The Pearl of the Orient.

  9. The Pearl of the Orient - Wye-Lyn Tan

  10. Annette Heitmann with the Earl Grey tea

  11. I think we have all winners now.

    Ee, Miso, Ju, Teo and Le Marque. Sorry Phil, I have to give the last set to Le Marque, as the correct artist name is Wyn-Lyn, not Wye-Lyn. I know, it's easy to get wrong cos there's a Wai Leng and a Wyn-Lyn. But you will be on waitlist if anyone does not claim their prize.

    Teo, your comment took a while to show up but it did eventually. I was also puzzled cos I saw it in my email earlier.

    OK congratulations to those who won! Please email me to arrange collection of your sets.

  12. Thank you so much!!! Just emailed you :)

  13. Hi. I had just emailed you too. Thank you for the contest and the prize.

  14. Good endeavour to promote young artists... I especially like "Beneath the Cardamom Shade" for the Straits Tea packaging. Whimsical is about right. Well done, Ms. FleeCircus! :)

  15. No, I am not participating in this. I have too many teas in my larder and am not drinking fast enough... 2 more unopened caddies of Mariage Freres still in their shopping bag! But the artwork is lovely, I have to show my support.


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