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Supernature: Singapore's Largest Organic Store (Part 2 - Wellness and Living)

Update: Supernature has moved to two new locations; the photos here are of the former store but it gives you an idea of what they carry.

Let me show you the rest of Supernature. Yesterday we saw the humongous produce and grocery section. Today we'll go over to the living and wellness product section in the adjacent unit. It's much smaller, which leads me to think the grocery side actually is two shop units combined. You may be surprised to find there's no fancy or extraneous decoration in Supernature, just utilitarian shelving. But that makes sense - no wasteful extras.

Let me sort the photos according to the lifestyle sections they have on the website (which I really like). With the exception of a few brands, most of the products were new to me. So I went online to find out more about some of them, and I'll share what I found.


Organic choices don't just stop at food. You can get organic cotton clothes with no toxic dyes and synthetics that sometimes cause itchy skin reactions. There are clothes, bodysuits, blankets, mittens and socks.

Coosh Baby organic cuddlies
Organic cotton plush toys! Cuddlies from Coosh Baby.

There are even some toys and bio-degradable balloons (latex from sustainable forests)
There are even toys and balloons made from eco-friendly materials. The bio-degradable balloons use latex from sustainable forests.

Organic baby formula and cereals
There's still some food here. Organic infant formula and cereals.

Babies are not left out - lots of organic choices
Lots of purees, mixes, juices and rusks.

Lots of organic snacks for little ones
There are also healthy snacks, biscuits and crackers for little ones.

Organic baby toiletries up the wazoo!
A whole section of organic baby toiletries and skincare items. Right opposite this is the adult toiletries.


COMO Group haircare and bath products
There are a lot of hair care products. Organic brands strive to remove known carcinogens and harmful chemicals for better scalp and hair health. This is the COMO Shambhala line of shampoo and conditioners, near the John Masters Organics personal care line. Further down you'll even find organic home hair-colouring kits!

Lots of massage oils and essential oils
COMO Shambhala massage oils. There are also other brands of therapeutic grade naturally harvested essential oils and aromatherapy products.

The Balance Me range of bath and body products
Balance Me is an award-winning UK line of "certified natural" hair, skin and bodycare products made without parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, silicones, artificial colours and fragrances. All products are blended with essential oils.

Some of these are 100% natural
I don't know how good they are, but I like the simple designs. Here are the shampoos, conditioners and body balms and scrubs.

Organic skincare from Dr Hauschka
More holistic skincare, notably from Dr Hauschka. There are other beauty and spa products - Purestuf, Antipodes, Fushi by Eva and some others which I have never seen before.

Organic cosmetics from Dr Hauschka - these are just testers
Cosmetics from Dr Hauschka. These are the testers.

Some Burt's Bees and a curious range of homeopathic medicine kits at the cashier
Some Burt's Bees (a familiar favourite for many) and a curious range of homeopathic medicine kits at the cashier. Supernature also stocks lots of organic health supplements, tinctures and alternative therapy medicines. Those who are into holistic health will welcome the all-natural, herbal healing ranges like homeopathic distillations, Bach Flower Remedies, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic-based treatments.


Eco Store range of cleaning agents
Yes, we know, most of the household cleaning agents we have are pretty toxic. But there are just too many products claiming to be green these days. It's up to us to read the labels and find out the truth. Here's the Eco Store line of non-toxic detergents and laundry powders that are super-concentrated and have no nasty chemicals. The Greenest Dollar reviewer gave it five stars.

Yes, rather a lot of cleaners and laundry detergents
There sure are a lot of cleaning agents here! Fabric softeners, surface cleaners, dishwashing liquids, carpet shampoo, window cleaners, etc.

Luxury eco-cleaning range from Murchison Hume - "Boy's Bathroom" Cleaner? So cute
I immediately liked these old apothecary style brown bottles. Murchison Hume is a premium line of organic cleaning products designed to look and smell great (using natural essential oils). They use colloidal technology (same thing used to clean up oceans in event of oil spills) for effective and non-toxic cleaning. Look at the raves on this blog. I want to get the cutely named "Boy's Bathroom Cleaner" in White Grapefruit scent, and the "Counter Intelligence" food safe surface spray for my kitchen counters and tables. Fragrance free versions also available.

There are even organic baby diapers and umm, feminine care items
Organic diapers and umm, feminine personal products. There are also eco-friendly disposable plates, paper towel rolls, natural loofahs and kitchenware like graters and olive wood chopping boards.

Wash your pets, fruits and vegetables the organic way
Wash your pet, fruit and vegetables the organic way. There's also organic pet food - supposedly much better than commercial pet food that contains so many unnatural fillers.

Nice eco-friendly scents for the home
And when your home is all nice and clean, you might like to add some safe and eco-friendly scents. There are sculptural aroma reeds, scented candles, room sprays and fresheners.

I totally missed the gardening section - they have seeds, tools, and organic potting soil - everything you need to grow your own herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables! I would love a herb garden...I should check this out next time I visit.

So there you have it. Supernature is a fabulous place to visit, even if you aren't into organic living. The sheer number of unusual products alone is an eye-opener.

Tomorrow I will post an organic recipe I tried out. Let's see if organic ingredients really do taste better!

SuperNature (Flagship Store)
#B1-05/09 Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
Tel +65 6304 1336
Fax +65 67350366
Opening Hours:
10am – 7.30pm daily

SuperNature (Mother & Child)
B1-20A Paragon
290 Orchard Road
Tel +65 6304 1339
Fax +65 6735 4207
Opening Hours:
10am – 9.30pm Monday – Friday
10am – 10pm Saturday
10am – 9.30pm Sunday & Public Holidays

Acknowledgement: Photographs in this post were commissioned by and belong to Supernature, but the blog post is mine.


  1. My kind of store. I am checking it out...

  2. Do you know any other eco-stores? Or is this the best in singapore?

  3. LFB: So Cooshie, right?

    Shirley: hope you like it

    Anon: Well there are plenty others, but this is probably the largest in Singapore.

  4. Very nice pics! Lately, many organic brands have been called out for dishonest labelling. Check via (for the offending brands, at one time it included Kevin Klein and Johnson and Johnson baby products) and (key in brand or ingredient you see via your product).

  5. I finally checked this place out a few weeks ago. I can't believe I had been searching for almost a year for a place like this in Singapore! BTW, their selection of Seventh Generation now is the biggest in town.

  6. We have been shop in supernature for many year.I noticed that some staff have left suddenly.Now the staff does not know much,busy helping themselves to the fruits esp the Filipinos?Used to enjoy shopping at supernature but now I can pass.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

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