Friday, April 16, 2010

Dinner with Ian Wright as he goes Out of Bounds!

Be still, my rampaging heart...MEETING IAN WRIGHT next Tues, WOOHOO!!!
Today has been just a bit too exciting for me. A photoshoot at Saint Pierre glimpsing more awesomeness of Emmanuel Stroobant, and then this came in my inbox. Dinner with Ian Wright next Tuesday? OH MY GOD!!! I cannot stop saying "Oh my god!" because yes, Ian Wright is. My favourite travel hero ever! I love his shows, his candour, his spontaneous wit!

I'm glad he's still globe-trotting after 15 years. Ian has a new program called "Out of Bounds" where he goes to really challenging and restrictive areas. Not your regular tourist hotspot, basically. But he finds out how to enjoy those places and learn from the people who live there.

But back to the dinner. He will be making the rounds at the tables, so I might get a chance to ask him some questions. So tell me - your most rabid, burning questions for Ian! I'm going to pick three questions from you guys to ask him. Of course, no guarantees I will actually be able to find my tongue and speak coherently when in his presence! But I will try!

For a sneak peek at "Out of Bounds", here are some Youtube videos.

Ian in Cuba:

Ian in Siberia...

Ian getting steamy in Syria!

So let me know your questions for Ian! I will post the answers after Tuesday. And those of you in Singapore - remember to tune in to Discovery Travel & Living Thursdays 9pm starting May 20!

Oh my god....pinch me!


  1. Hi I am also going too. See you

  2. K-man: haha

    Ray: cool, see you there!

  3. wowzers lucky u! well it couldn't have happened to a nicer person:) can u get an autog for me? LOL

  4. I love Ian! Can you ask him what his favourite football club is?

  5. Lucky you! I got a silly question he's prolly been asked a million times but, "What is the strangest thing he's eaten?" Thanks! :D

  6. What about this: If he could have anyone over to dinner, living or dead, who would it be, and what would like to have at dinner?


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