Thursday, April 29, 2010

McDonald's Quarter Pounder is back, and there's a Double too!

McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese
By now you would have seen that McDonald's has brought back the Quarter Pounder burger. It was in store since Sunday and now comes with two slices of melted American cheese, so the name is Quarter Pounder with Cheese (QPC for short).  I remember the old Quarter Pounder fondly - I think it was the first burger I ever bought from McDonald's (anyone else remember the little standalone outlet next to the World Trade Centre carpark?). Back then it was just beef, chopped onions and pickles. But hearty nonetheless. For that time.

So when I heard that the Quarter Pounder was coming back, I was elated! I immediately began to fantasize about something substantial, but TheHungryCow reminded me that a quarter pound (or 113g) isn't much these days. He's right - this is the era of monster burgers and giant 250g patties.

Indeed, at the special preview McDonald's held for bloggers and supporters who have been requesting the QP to be brought back, the QPC (S$4.60) looked only slightly bigger than the existing double cheeseburger. But the single thicker patty was definitely better than two thin ones.

But wait - there's also the DOUBLE Quarter Pounder with Cheese (S$6.10)!

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Whoa yes, NOW we're talking!! Two quarter-pound (i.e. half-pound total pre-cooking weight) patties of beef certainly makes for more juicy and meaty flavours. Since the preview, we've bought this a couple times more times and it seems to taste better and better.

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Yes, go for the half-pounder (or is it quarter kilogrammer?) and you won't regret it. If it's too much for you, share it with someone special! Or me!

Meanwhile, McDonald's is pitting Beef vs Cheese on Facebook. Go cast your vote on which you prefer and you might win a special edition "Beef Rules!" or "Cheese Rocks!" t-shirt. Each week, 500 winners will be picked.

You can check out Keropokman's review on the QPC too. He was at the preview as well.

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McDelivery website 

p.s. Did you know McDonald's tray liners are food-safe? Made from safe paper and ink. Well I've been dumping fries and chili sauce on them for ages, so it was nice to learn it's safe to do so!


  1. Your post made me crave for the quarter pounder. Had called for Mac delivery just now :)

  2. Argh...McDonalds is the worse! I'd rather eat 2 day old char siew pao before heading into a McDonalds! In the US, many of the patrons (adult and children) at any given McDonalds are classified as clinically obese. McDonalds is a major reason for the spiraling health care cost in the US...this comes as no surprise for those who carefully evaluate the sodium and sugar content in an average McDonalds meal (or at minimum think about how miserable they feel after such a meal). Singapore government should monitor this restaurant chain very closely otherwise they should be prepared to deal with an alarming rise in cronic obesity and a myriad of health ailments which can only be solved with more doctors, hospital beds and prescription drugs for hypertension, artery blockage and/or colon cancer.


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