Friday, December 19, 2008

Skinny Pizza

Wild Truffled Mushroom Skinny Pizza
I know a lot of people love thin crust pizzas. But just how thin is in? A couple of weekends ago, we spotted this very new shop at Suntec City, called Skinny Pizza. The crust is so thin, it's practically a lavash cracker. Any thinner and it'll be a papadum!

Truffle oil and mushroom overload!
This is the 12-inch Wild Truffled Mushroom pizza (S$18). Generous toppings of roasted mushrooms, garlic, truffled oil and Italian parsley - nice and luscious at first bite, but became rather heavy and cloying thereafter. We couldn't decide if the thin, dry cracker crust worked. Hubby didn't like it much, but I'm a sucker for anything crunchy.

Drinks at Skinny PizzaPizza and soup menu
The menu is small, and even then, not everything is available (they're just warming up operations). In fact, they didn't have the smaller 8" pizza and are already thinking of phasing that out to streamline things. I wish they'd keep that, because if they had that, we'd have ordered two different pizzas, instead of one large one.

Red Pepper and Tomato Soup
The soups were a hit and a miss. Both of us found the red pepper and tomato soup too tart, with a strange bitter aftertaste. It was like drinking Tabasco.

Sweet Corn Crab Soup
Sweet corn crab soup fared a little better, but still too sweet for me. Hubby liked this one though.

Funny! Clever ad for Brazilian waxing
We found hilarious brochures for STRIP, the Spa Esprit waxing chain, which is just next door I think. Skinny Pizza is also under the same umbrella group. I hope they manage to iron out their teething issues. That's why I waited til 2 weeks before posting this. The manager was very hospitable and asked for a lot of detailed feedback from us. They really want to make this work, and I do hope they manage to finetune the menu and operations successfully.

next to STRIP
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-006
Suntec City Galleria (near Convention Centre)


  1. I'd prefer it thin but still chewy not crispy! :)

  2. I was going to comment on the skinny pizza but the flyer made me laugh instead!

    Kinda paying more for less huh?

  3. "Any thinner and it'll be a papadum!"

    LOL. Now I'm thinking about making my own papadum pizza! :P

  4. Southernoise: yeah me too. Crispy is fine as a novelty but I still prefer a chewy crust.

    Francis: haha yeah!

    Kenny: let me know how that goes! lol

  5. SO GOOD. SO GOOD!! I went there today!

    I had the ratatouille pizza without cheese, so it's a vegan pizza. Yay!


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