Tuesday, December 2, 2008

EAT at Centrepoint

Bak chor mee
Ah some food at last! I forgot to post this earlier. This was right after the Bobby's Christmas set menu food-tasting session, which left us still ravenous since the portions were merely bitesize tasting portions. Southernoise and I went looking for more food nearby, but most good places like Noodle House Ken had closed for the afternoon. We ended up at a cheap eat. Well, it's called EAT, literally. The bak chor mee (above, S$4.30) was decent. Good for non-fussy, hungry people who want food fast!

EAT at Centrepoint
They have laksa, fishball noodles, and some snacks. Food court prices, and food court quality. Somehow, the eateries at Centrepoint don't seem too interesting. Is it me, or do they need better restaurants?

The Centrepoint #B2-114/115
Tel: 6733 2163


  1. you make the bak chor mee looks too good for what it is! oh my..... L337 skillz! :P

  2. I know that person in the photo!

    Ya, Centrepoint does not really have many choices. But the pizza hut went off and there's this ok Jap food there.

    We usually end up at Prima Deli. LOL..

  3. Southernoise: LOL! Misleading photography?

    K-man: Hmmm, never thought of eating at Prima Deli. Jap food ah, which one...I must check it out...

  4. I said OK. Not spectacular hor. hehe.. Usually Centrepoint you will be shopping and really tired and hungry. So most food will be nice :-)

    I think they have a few more new makan places now, have not tried them yet.

    Ichiban :-)

  5. Anyone know what happened to this stall? Where r they now?


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