Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is...

It's December already! What do you really want for Christmas? Time to daydream and have a fun poll (see right sidebar).

LG recently did a light-hearted survey in six countries to find out what people really want for the holiday season. About 650 from Singapore participated, including me! Results?

* A vacation was ranked top gift, followed closely by latest electronic gadget.
* More people preferred to spend time with Santa Claus than the President of the United States (maybe they should have put President-elect!), the Queen of England or the Pope.
* Brad Pitt trounced Orlando Bloom and David Beckham as celebrity most wanted for under-the-mistletoe kisses. Jessica Alba beat Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman for those honours.
* Most folks in Singapore, Brazil and UK said they'd budgeted about US$100-300 for gifts (but 37% in Singapore also voted US$50-100). Those in Hong Kong and Australia are thinking bigger - more than US$500.
* Biggest concern across the board was, not surprisingly, MONEY NO ENOUGH!

So on the whole, it looks like Singaporeans still want to spread some festive cheer despite the economic downturn, but will be spending money prudently. Let's not forget the reason for the season.

And if you really want an LG phone (the Black Label Series LG Secret, the 8-megapixel LG Renoir camera phone or the full touch screen LG Cookie), you can win one at the cheery LG Holiday site. But hurry, you only have til 14 Dec to enter. Results will be announced 23 Dec, just in time for Christmas. Good luck!

Personally, all I want for Christmas see Jolie's two front teeth fully come out! :D
Jolie's two front teeth are peeping out!



  1. Everybody now, AWWWWWW! What a sweetie she is :))

  2. hahaha, u doing a advertisement for LG? lol! when will jolie's two front teeth be out fully?

  3. Ju: haa...thanks! :)

    LIC: no leh, I find the survey interesting mah. I am one of the 650 who participated in the survey!

  4. Will the teeth come out on the 25th night? :-p

  5. Haha, hopefully! I can't wait to feed her real food! But teeth will also mean she can bite me!

  6. Babies don't bite really hard right?

    Can't wait for the bite right? :-p


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